February Mixtape Mondays, pt. 4: Chief Boima & Geko Jones


For our final chapter of the Dutty Artz February Mixtape Mondays (check previous mixes by DJ /rupture & Sonido Martines, DJ Ushka, and DJ Ripley), my brother Geko Jones and I decided to chime in with a collaborative submission.

For several years, Geko and I have been following and rearranging the lines that connect Africa and Latin America through our musical explorations. This mix, which touches on Champeta, Semba, Ndombolo, Morna, House, Kuduro, and neo-Highlife, is our latest take on the contemporary African manifestations of Latin music.


Geko has been mixing up Afro-Colombian folk with Kuduro at his Latin music themed Que Bajo parties since its inception. Recognizing in each other an affinity for cultural mixing and boundary exploration, he and I became would quickly become close friends. Lately, I’ve noticed he’s been incorporating a wider range of contemporary sounds like Nigerian pop, Semba, and African House into his sets, adding a very interesting contemporary trans-continental feel to the party.

For me, the American influence on African music has always been at the center of my musical interests, especially styles from Latin America and the Caribbean. Congolese Soukous (Rumba) was the soundtrack of my childhood, and the unique Sierra Leonean blend of Highlife, Calypso, and Soukous played a central role in the formation of my musical identity. Add that to the fact that I’m fluent in Spanish and have always been attracted to the African elements in Latin American music, it’s no surprise that the music from actual Latin African countries like Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Equatorial  and Mozambique has come to figure centrally in my Black-Atlantic musical identity and output.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

Africa Latina Tracklist

01 Carlos Lamartine РEne Ando Buil̩e
02 Ali Kiba – Dushelele
03 DJ Mackboogaloo – OK Rumba-Ton
04 Africaneando – El Priki del Vacile
05 Boddhi Satva feat. Z̩ Pequenio & Heritier РElengi (Main)
06 Dj Capiro & Francis Boy Feat. Sana – Icotoca
07 Filipe Narciso & Djeff – O Semba (Djeff Mix)
08 Bonga – Somos Irmaos (DJ Znobia Remix)
09 DJ N.K. feat. D.Pink – Lhe Estraga
10 Silyvi & Afrikan Roots feat. Bebucho Q kuia – Akuluwo
11 Cesária Évora – Cinturão Tem Male (Renato Xtrova Reconstruction Main Mix)
12 Don Kikas – Melaco
13 Os Bongos – Kazucuta
14 Plastikman – Spastik (NewLife’s NuSamba Mix)
15 Lura – Narina (Beatmax & Daferwa Edit)
16 Di Delas – Meus Amigos
17 DJ Lecture – She No Want Me
18 Larry Achiampong – Palm Wine
19 Wizboy feat. Slim Brown – Infinity
20 M-Kaze – Change (Situation)
21 M-Kaze – I Bin No Know
22 DJ Lecture – Good Loving
23 Olu Maintain – Nawti