Today my bother from another mother Sunsplah a.k.a Alberto Stangarone is officially dropping his new EP titled “13” with support of Mexican label Casete.

Along with his release there is a music video directed by long time friend Adela Pantin for “Lucero”


You can get “13” for free on bandcamp for limited time or go over to iTunes and show some love.

Much love!

Funeral of Hugo Chavez

photo by Oscar Bambo Castillo

The following is a dispatch from Venezuela by Dutty Artz crew member Mariana aka Mpeach. She is in Caracas this month, and gave us a first hand account of Chavez’ passing, as well as her feelings on the future of her beloved homeland.

“No mourning, No Celebration”
(Frase taken from el Libertario)

I am an artist, musician and designer based out of Brooklyn and I am currently in Caracas, Venezuela for a month-long visit. I moved to NY after graduating from college, but travel back and forth as much as I can. This is because my artistic work, musical work, and family (who for the most part still lives in Venezuela) are deeply rooted in my country and culture. On Tuesday afternoon I was taking a nap in my home in Caracas, because I had woken up really early for a radio interview, and had gone to bed really late because I had a triple birthday party the night before. Daniela, a friend, opened the door yelling “Chavez died, wake up!”