I’m not sure if they’re referring to the son of Tarzan,  town in Nepal, or the language from Papua New Guinea, but we’re proud to announce DA013 the Korak EP from Contakt & Mayster. The duo are behind TURRBOTAX®, Brooklyn’s own XLR8R sponsored “un-pretentious yet forward thinking and adventurous” club night at The Cove, now turning two years old.

On “Korak” tropical percussion, 808 cowbells and an assortment of clicks and pops whir and collide around a throbbing, syncopated bass line. DA’s own Matt Shadetek provides a NYC 3Ball rework with nuff bass to rattle windows and rib cages. The b-side “Opar” is a study in tension and release with a more classic 4×4 house beat while Contakt & Mayster create a soundscape with reversed cymbals and filtered percussion. Doc Daneeka comes through with a UK Funky remix.

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This month you’ve got plenty of opportunities to catch up with Jace: A dance party in a boat on the Seine, a special concert in North Africa’s only arthouse cinema, an outdoor getdown in Copenhagen w/ the OG lady DJ known as Mutamassik, a free class on DJ/production with Mad Professor, an audio installation that takes real-time financial data about genetically modified soy from Latin America and the Brabant region’s pig farming and translates it into sound, a dance party on the beautiful Croatian coast, and more…


tour dates

Aug 10 – Mudd Up Book Clubb. Madrid, Spain
Aug 12 – Terraneo Festival . Å ibenik, Croatia
Aug 16 – Nørrebroparken in Copenhagen, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik
Aug 17 – free Master Class w/ Rupture + Mad Professor! Culture Box, CPH
Aug 19 – Ã…rhus, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik.
Aug 20 – STØJ. Hillerød, Denmark.
Aug 24 – Paradiso . Amsterdam, NL. w/ The Ex
Aug 26 – Le Petit Bain . Paris, France. w/ Axel Krygier
Sept 9 – Cinematheque du Tanger. Tangier, Morocco. w/ Nettle & Imanaren
Sept 12-18 – The Soya Waltz (interactive audio installation) Incubate Festival . Tilburg, Holland

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Angola meets meets Atlanta in this mix by DJ Eridson. One for the Fruityloops Hall of Fame indeed. This track is 3 years old but Eridson has new music up on soundcloud, including this Coupé-Décalé track he upped yesterday:

D.D 179 Gina Hot [2012] Dj Eridson, Dj Dorivaldo, M.Pondu, Dj Havaiana, Jacobe e Dr.Tchubi (remix) by djeridson

Bonus Tarracha:



Liquid is the new solid. last week former Mudd Up! guest NGUZUNGUZU released their new Timesup Ep on Dutty Artz fam Kingdom‘s new label Fade To Mind. Needless to say this release is next level, the water trapped in time theme is resonating with me particularly right now because I spend most of my day staring at a pool(its not that weird I’m a lifeguard). They’ve been smashing the internet with mixes recently, one for Dublab, and one for XLR8R, in which they’ve been bigging up Dubbel Dutch(White Label on Dutty Artz in stores!). I also had the pleasure of seeing them play at the first Fade To Mind Party a couple weeks ago, which if you haven’t done yet you’re slipping (it’s hard to tell from the XLR8R mix but the edit of this track DID WERK on the dance floor, spin back and all that). Go support the future of American Club music and cop dat.