This month you’ve got plenty of opportunities to catch up with Jace: A dance party in a boat on the Seine, a special concert in North Africa’s only arthouse cinema, an outdoor getdown in Copenhagen w/ the OG lady DJ known as Mutamassik, a free class on DJ/production with Mad Professor, an audio installation that takes real-time financial data about genetically modified soy from Latin America and the Brabant region’s pig farming and translates it into sound, a dance party on the beautiful Croatian coast, and more…


tour dates

Aug 10 – Mudd Up Book Clubb. Madrid, Spain
Aug 12 – Terraneo Festival . Å ibenik, Croatia
Aug 16 – Nørrebroparken in Copenhagen, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik
Aug 17 – free Master Class w/ Rupture + Mad Professor! Culture Box, CPH
Aug 19 – Ã…rhus, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik.
Aug 20 – STØJ. Hillerød, Denmark.
Aug 24 – Paradiso . Amsterdam, NL. w/ The Ex
Aug 26 – Le Petit Bain . Paris, France. w/ Axel Krygier
Sept 9 – Cinematheque du Tanger. Tangier, Morocco. w/ Nettle & Imanaren
Sept 12-18 – The Soya Waltz (interactive audio installation) Incubate Festival . Tilburg, Holland

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