NYSYLC End of Year Party, Thurs Dec 27th. Location: Danny Screams Studios, 220 Leonard St

If it hasn’t become extraordinarily transparent by now, I am an organizer. And on occasion, I like nothing more than to spin tunes for incredible people raising money for much needed causes.

Today , I’m spinning for the New York State Youth Leadership Council’s (NYSYLC) end of year party, which is raising scholarship funds for undocumented youth to be able to afford college. NYSYLC is an undocumented youth-led organization in New York City that empowers immigrant youth to challenge the broken immigration system through leadership development, grassroots organizing, educational advancement, and is also a safe space for self-expression.

If you are in the boroughs for the holidays, come get your post-Christmas, Mayan celebration of the New Year on with us. Immigrant communities are looking towards 2013 for big changes, with a real possibility of immigration reform. Why not start mobilizing with a dance party?

Location: Danny Screams Studios, 220 Leonard St

Cover: $10 (all proceeds go to NYSYLC’s scholarship fund)

Closest trains: L at Lorimer; G at Metropolitan

Doors open 8pm; Happy Hour before 10pm, goes til 2am 


[youtube width=”525″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESj164wKc6I[/youtube]

Super excited about this new event, BomBeat, that I am launching with my crew Cumba Mela, and Nickodemus from Turntables on the Hudson.  Its all going down this Saturday, November 24th at Le Poisson Rouge, in Manhattan. Expect to hear a wide range of global bass music: cumbia, dancehall, kuduro, house, moombahton, reggaeton….

We have Jeremy Sole coming from LA, repping KCRW, TheLift, and Afro Funke.

We are going to try our best to get a free EP for ever event. Be sure to check out the first one bellow!

BomBeat EP1 November 24, 2012 @ LPR NYC by BomBeat

Last week me and Atropolis played at the launch party for the new Dub Stuy record label and their home built reggae sound system.  Playing on this system was really really fun.  Physical sound vibrations, great bass and a great vibe. Big shoutout to the Dub Stuy team for having the vision to put this together.  We need more people thinking big like this in our underground scene in Brooklyn.


[Anthology of Booty]

It takes a few committed individuals to change how an entire city feels. I’ve perhaps never experienced this more than in Washington D.C. — forget all the suits selling off the American dream, my experience of D.C. is shaped by hanging out with inspiring community-conscious visionary musicians like the ladies of Anthology of Booty and the guys from Fugazi.

And tonight, DJs Bent, Mothersheister, and Natty Boom from Anthology of Booty are teaming up with iBomba’s Beto & Ushka to bring their AoB vibes to a free Brooklyn party at Bembe. details (FB invite), and peep the flyer and interview w/ AoB’s DJ Bent excerpted below:

What’s an Anthology of Booty party like?
A real mix of crowds sharing space in a party atmosphere. It’s a safe space — people will get wild, people will have fun, but violence or harassment will not be tolerated.

Given your anti-sexual harassment stance, why play raunchy songs?

The power of playing stuff like Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” and people hardcore booty dancing, grinding, going crazy — how does that coexist in a space where you’re talking about not having harassment or this vibe that it’s a meat market? That’s the space we try to create: a place where people can go wild without someone else taking it [as an invitation to harass].

So, when A.O.B. spins misogynistic jams, it’s a political statement?
All parties are political, whether it’s a fundraiser for Occupy Wall Street or whether it’s Backdoor.

you’s got to be slick…–> CHANGE THE MOOD! Friday August 17th @ Glasslands BKLYN.

Dutty Artz presents CHANGE THE MOOD! a fundraiser party for Beyond The Block.
Fri. August 17th at Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave., Brooklyn. 11pm. $10

Hosted by Pupa Bajah and Jasmin Cruz
NYC debut of Chants (live from Madison, WI)

DJ Ushka vs. a Rhino
Chief Boima vs. a Robot
DJ Rupture vs. an Elephant
Taliesin vs. a Vampire
Geko Jones vs. a Chicken-Stealing Fox
Atropolis vs. the Euro

visuals by Rainstick | Rupture’s birthday | silent auction fundraiser

RSVP here on Facebook

On August 17th at Brooklyn’s Glasslands, the Dutty Artz collective will throw a fundraiser party as part of our new CHANGE THE MOOD! series. This event is the first stage of fundraising for a new Beyond Digital project, ‘Beyond The Block.’ Beyond The Block combines the best of block party vibes with an overt commitment to support community-based social justice initiatives in New York City.

Dutty Artz presents CHANGE THE MOOD! a fundraiser party for Beyond The Block.
Fri. August 17th at Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 11pm. $10

Hosted by Pupa Bajah and Jasmin Cruz
NYC debut of Chants (live from Madison, WI)

DJ Ushka vs. a Rhino
Chief Boima vs. a Robot
DJ Rupture vs. an Elephant
Taliesin vs. a Vampire
Geko Jones vs. a Chicken-Stealing Fox
Atropolis vs. the Euro

visuals by Rainstick | Rupture’s birthday | silent auction fundraiser

RSVP here on Facebook

will feature performances by Dutty Artz affiliated visual artists, musicians, DJs, and MCs. A portion of proceeds & silent auction will support the Beyond the Block Sunset Park initiative. The party combines Dutty Artz’s ground-up artistic vision with a desire to connect music fans to the struggles faced by local communities of immigrants, artists, workers, and young people that often help inspire contemporary global fashion trends.

CHANGE THE MOOD! performers include Chants from Madison, WI, making his NYC debut on the strength of his ‘Night After’ EP (“Chants makes very beautiful sounds that make you feel like you’re swimming in an underwater world of loveliness” – Dummy Mag), recent WIRE mag coverboy DJ /rupture, Que Bajo’s Geko Jones, Rick Ross protégé Chief Boima, and more.

BEYOND THE BLOCK. Can a hype block party double as an opportunity to spread information about stop & frisk, immigrant rights, police surveillance, and housing? We say yes. As the championing of diversity, a global outlook, and a celebration of the local become increasingly common in today’s dance music scenes, we see an ideal opportunity to use the energy & open-ended vibe of a great party to connect musical ideas to their real-world analogs: to create a space where we can talk about – and dance to – an incredible musical selection while sharing useful information for our communities that are impacted by issues pertaining to undocumented workers’ rights, transnational identity, health care, police violence, housing and more. Happening this fall, the inaugural Sunset Park edition of Beyond The Block is a collaboration between Beyond Digital, Dutty Artz, The Arab American Association of New York, La Unión, and individual artists and Brooklyn-based community members.


From Wayne’s great writeup:

Allow me to remind that next WEDNESDAY, July 25, Beat Research will play host, in the Good Life’s booming basement, to a full-blown reunion of Boston’s legendary Toneburst Collective. Bubbling up from Boston’s underground during the late 1990s, Toneburst was a loose-knit crew of DJs, electronic musicians, and video and installation artists, who together produced approximately 20 large-scale multimedia events in offbeat locations around New England and New York. More carnival than rave or concert, the crew’s productions mixed experimental beats, video, and performance art in unorthodox spaces. Beyond throwing great parties, Toneburst provided a platform for such influential acts as Kid 606, We™, Keith Fullerton Whitman (aka Hrvatski), and DJ /Rupture (a founding member)

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Something fresh happening this Saturday night in Brooklyn. Our friends Weird Magic and Cool Places are putting together what sounds like a recipe for disaster or just something very thrilling and amazing! Either way, it’s going to be an exciting and special night, and you will be sad if you miss it.

announcing weird magic sessions, a different kind of party where a revolving cast of djs and sound technicians go head to head, collaborating and exploring new sonic terrain, weaving an eclectic sonic tapestry while you dance. we’ve teamed up with cool places soundsystem to bring you this supremely talented cast of djs and noiseniks. expect the unexpected!


cool places soundystem and weird magic presente
weird magic sessions:
world bank
all nite collaboration • improvisation • sound clash

simultaneous djs:

co la
intl tapes (coco zoabi)
lamin fofana
weird magic djs (rezzie + colby)


live drums:

chili mane (janka nabay / skeletons)
butchy fuego


live vizualz:

vid wwworld


@ yay stadium (20 meadow st, bk)
sat 4.28.12 – 11pm-late – all ages – 7 bux

New York City is an embarrassment of riches. World class/Weird class DJs at a free party on Sunday night? Sure. Why not? Nobody has real jobs anyway. Come join us to celebrate the birthday of Stylez Waer. IT’S GOOD BREAD OVER HERE:


This Sunday, Mar 4th.
10pm – 2am
Tandem, 236 Troutman in Bushwick, in the backroom

FB info


DJ /rupture
(Sub Rosa / Dutty Artz)

Lamin Fofana
(Sticks N Stones / Dutty Artz)

(Palms Out Sounds)

(Alone In Deep Space)

+ + +

This month we’ve got an awesome guest who just re-landed in NYC after stints in Jamaica, San Francisco and many many places in between.  DJ Ripley is a longtime friend of Dutty Artz and we’re super psyched to have her with us again.  She’ll be joined by myself Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones and Lamin Fofana. Come sweat with us!

Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge March




DJ Ripley

w/ your hosts

Matt Shadetek

Geko Jones

Lamin Fofana

The Cove, 108 N. 6th St.  Brooklyn NY (Take L Train to Bedford)

Friday March 9th 10PM-4AM $FREE ADMISSION

PopGun Presents…

Sat, February 11th @ The Glasslands Gallery

$7 ADV, $7 DOS
TICKETS AT: http://ticketf.ly/xSnTkw






21+, Doors at 11:30pm

$7 ADV, $7 DOS
TICKETS AT: http://ticketf.ly/xSnTkw


2012 is here.  While we’re all waiting for the mayan clock to tick over and usher in either the apocalypse or the dawn of a wonderful new era I suggest you get your mind right with the spirit world.  The spirits in question here are those concerned with getting drunk, dancing your ass off and sweating out a year worth of ghouls and goblins. ˙∆ INFOS ∆˙ DUTTY ARTZ SWEAT LODGE DJs: Geko Jones Matt Shadetek Atropolis Lamin Fofana Taliesin     Friday Jan 6th 10PM-4AM $$ FREE $$ ADMISSION at The Cove, 108 N. 6th St, Brooklyn NY.  Take the L train to Bedford or G to Lorimer and walk.  >> RSVP ON FACEBOOK <<