Our friend Daniel Perlin (a.k.a. N-Ron, but you’ll soon know him as Merlin) is throwing a crazy end of year houseparty at a space in downtown Brooklyn – Please join us in celebrating the amazing year that was 2011 and the arrival of 2012! Help us push away the spirit of apocalypse… He’s gone and invited the incredible Ripley, yrs truly, and some special guests. MORE details after Saul Williams, c. the year two thousand:

[youtube width=”525″ height=”25″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHatA0OgMD0[/youtube]
Saul Williams – Penny For A Thought

Join Hosts dp, kwonix, Ezio and Danielle in celebrating the time-shift from 2011 to the year 2012

with DJ’s Merlin, Ripley, Lamin Fofana, + Special Guests.

1 night only, we are taking over The Loading Dock at 170 Tillary Street. This is a sacred space, to be treated with a proper party! To scare away the oncoming doom, we have everything, well, almost everything we need:

MUSIC– Be prepared to dance. Sounds from everywhere to make you move.
LIGHTS– The most fabulous light system ever. It moves to the beat. It has switches for on and off!
FOG– Yes. Fog. Even Kurtz could hide in our fog!
DRINK– We have some. Bring more!
BUBBLE MACHINE– 2012 in with style. Bubble style.
HOT TUB– What more do we have to say. We have a brand spankin new hot tub in the and indoor/outdoor space. Never leave the boat. But you should know how to swim.
What we need: YOU! and a guest.
Please RSVP. We want to make sure we have all the necessary powers in order for an amazing time.
Space is limited, though time is not…

We recommend a donation. you can also bring drinks. You can also do both!

Please be prepared to dance in 2012! Apocalypse Later will only work when the ritual is complete!

Thanks, we all look forward to hearing from you, seeing you and celebrating 2012 in fine style.

dp and the crew!

This month Sweat Lodge is falling a week later than usual on Friday 12/16.  Our good friends over at Turrbotax asked us for a date swap and we were happy to oblige!  This month our guest is Jubilee, a long time friend of Dutty Artz.  I’ve been wanting to get her to play Sweat Lodge but what with her hectic touring schedule and all was never able to make it happen… Till now!  She’ll be supported by your handsome residents Matt Shadetek (me), Chief Boima, Lamin Fofana and Taliesin.  It should be a lively affair.

˙∆ INFOS ∆˙




Matt Shadetek

Chief Boima

Lamin Fofana




Friday Dec. 16th 10PM-4AM


at The Cove, 108 N. 6th St, Brooklyn NY.  Take the L train to Bedford or G to Lorimer and walk.


Since you all loved up that last footwork / juke post I made I figured I’d share a video piece that Wills Glasspiegel who did the audio I posted did, I assume on the same trip to Chicago.  Some of the material is the same but since it’s about dancing the visual is pretty key: watch those feet work!

Also Wills was nice enough to make the audio in the original post (below) downloadable for those of you who requested it for your filez.


Also Traxman who’s in the piece will be playing in NYC this Friday at an underground party at an undisclosed location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Also Total Freedom from LA!  Looks like there will be some footwork dancers there too.  Shout to Azizaman for putting it together, looks dope.  FB event here w/ info.

I am not involved with this but am showing it a bit of promo love because I remember what it was like trying to bring Grime artists to NYC when no one knew what it was but I just loved this new crazy music and wanted to share.  It ain’t easy! If you like this kind of stuff vote with your dancing feet.


I spent most of the week layed up in bed with a sinus infection. I knew when I got on at Sweatlodge last night it would have to be on a majorly holistic tip. Here’s a couple burners that were new to me that won’t be leaving my crates anytime soon.

So far my 2011 has been a year of playing out in odd venues.  After a spate of guerrilla gigs in machine rooms and lab spaces around Boston, my first DJ appearance in London landed me at an anarchist party in the docklands.  Location: a disused boxing club across the street from the former hideout of the Situationist International.  Dress code: “Things that shouldn’t go together — and don’t,” exemplified by a prevalence of latex+tweed outfits and one flasher in a jilbaab. As though anarchists in the docklands weren’t contradiction enough.

The hosts of the party were – of course – the Space Hijackers, a squad of self-styled “anarchitects” who have spent the last twelve years executing increasingly in-your-face actions to reclaim London’s public space.  Most recently they made headlines from BoingBoing to the BBC World Service for launching a fake “life offsetting” company during the DSEi arms fair.  There’s a lot to say about the Hijackers, but rather than try to sum up their work in a few paragraphs, I’ll leave you with a clip of them driving their own tank toward some police officers.  OWS, take notes.


I’ve been on the road lately trying to get my worldwide airmiles up like the Jetlag King- DJ /Rupture. Miles to go before I sleep or even come close on that one, but the result thus far has been getting to play with a lot of ladies and gents I respect and admire and making friends of them along the way. Coming up in a couple weeks here in NYC, Que Bajo?! and Conrazon are collaborating with SOB’s to debut a friend and inspiration of mine by the name of Humberto Pernett. I wanted to take the time explain to you all who this guy is on a personal level as I’ve recently spent a great deal of time with him in Cali for the Petronio Festival and got to know his story.

Pernett’s dad was one of the founders of el Carnaval de Barranquilla. He grew up around amazing musicians his whole life. His aunt Carmencita Pernett was one of the first artists to take cumbia to mexico. Artists born in this type of conditioning? Femi Kuti comes to mind..


I think just by looking at the record cover you can tell dude’s family were some serious party people.

It was inevitable from his upbringing that Pernett would go on to explore los ritmos de la costa. Tambora, cumbia, bullerengue, puya, mapale sound more like the names of root vegetable or ingredients to a sancocho stew than names of rhythms but then all these styles are so distinctly satisfying on the dancefloor that their cohesion only make sense when you think about them that way.

Taking a blessing from his musical godmother, Toto la Momposina, Pernett would go further south to Bogota where he would meet Richard Blair, a UK-born producer and they would go on to form the band Sidestepper whose 3am: In beats we trust album would reverberate worldwide.

As someone who listened to the 6 degrees music label early on, and a researcher of world music fusion for quite some time I can say with confidence that the music from that album would go on to inspire a great many producers for years to come. Our global/tropical bass scene has a lot to thank them for. Electronic music, indeed, but at its essence their sound was a less mechanical and rooted deeply in Colombia’s rich musical heritage. It was a clearly defined turning point for Latin music.

Moving on to work on his own projects Pernett has continued folding time and space to create his own blend of psychodelic caribbean sounds. Carving a sound very much his own.


I invite you to listen to his soundcloud where he has over 100 original tracks and remixes uploaded

Change isn’t an overnight thing. The last car in the roller coaster sees the turn before it happens. But from where I’m standing, Pernett is a largely unsung hero who has and is helping shape the future of latin music.  He’s someone that we should pay a lot more attention to. He’s so far ahead of the pack that it will probably be another couple years before the world catches up to his sound let alone his performance capabilities.  His ableton live set up lets him trigger and effect tracks, while playing gaita or any number of traditional instruments which he can also effect, while singing and dropping some surreal visuals using his filters on his laptop cam. He’s one of those artists that keeps pushing himself to do more. To be more. And you should too. Be there to see him Oct 9th and feel more.

Que Bajo?! & Conrazon Present

Pernett (Colombia)

Oct 9th @ SOB’s $10 /10pm

204 Varick Street
New York, NY 10014-4810
(212) 243-4940



Check this short video shot at Sweat Lodge by Atropolis and 2Melo and edited by Erik Marika Rich.


Next Friday September 9th we’re back at the Cove for another Dutty Artz family reunion.  I’d just like to say thanks so much to everyone who came and partied and played at the last one, especially Uproot Andy and 2Melo, I really enjoyed it and I think it was maybe our best attended party yet. For the next one we’ve got Chicago’s own DJ NewLife who has been running one of Chicago’s best tropical/whateverbass parties flying in to drop some bombs for us AND DA’s own Taliesin is back in the states after a crazy world traveling year spent in Brazil, Jamaica and South Africa (and many places in between).  Chief Boima is also back in the building after his own travels in Africa, if you were there for the last one he was dropping some crazy music from Liberia that really caught my attention and I’m eagerly waiting to hear what he’ll play this time.  Lamin Fofana is also re-joining us and I’m equally excited to hear what he’ll pull out with the new DJ setup he’s using, hopefully including some of the new crazy techno-ish stuff he’s been producing.  As usual I will be there DJing, selling hats, shirts and CDs and of course getting drunk and yelling over my friends DJ sets.


Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge

The Cove 108 N. 6th St, Brooklyn (L to Bedford Subway Stop)

Friday Sept. 9th 10PM-4AM

Free Admission!


DJ NewLife

Chief Boima


Lamin Fofana

Matt Shadetek


RSVP on Facebook here.

reposted from Mudd Up!

As a talisman against the fall-like chill of Brussels, here’s a heater-upper remix I did for Architecture in Helsinki a few years ago. The original is so good, I went all out brought in Mr Lee G on vocal duties:
Architecture in Helsinki Heart It Races (DJ Rupture’s Ital Hymn Mix feat. Mr Lee G) by djrupture

Speaking of Brussels — Belgium has had no government for over a year! Everything seems fine in Brussels, arguably Europe’s most spatially dissonant city. It’s a surreal place.

Today, Wednesday August 31th, I’ll DJ at ‘une petite fête entre amis’ put on by La8. Info. The next day I’ll make an appearance on Radio Panik 105.4 FM, not sure when, watch the Twitter for that. (Radio Panik is one of a handful of open-eared European radio stations that rebroadcast my WFMU radio show.)

I’ve been relaxing these past few days. My time was vaguely starting to resemble that freelancer’s rarity: a vacation. Whatever it was, it’s over. TOUR TIME! Several European dates and some special events in Morocco. But first – Last night was a fun radio show (if I don’t play the entirety of Reich’s “Come Out” bookended by juke trax, who will?)

Today’s party in a Copenhagen park marks the start of the Denmark leg of the tour, where I’ll be playing dates with Mutamassik and giving a free “master class” with Mad Professor.

Full-size tour flyer here.


This month you’ve got plenty of opportunities to catch up with Jace: A dance party in a boat on the Seine, a special concert in North Africa’s only arthouse cinema, an outdoor getdown in Copenhagen w/ the OG lady DJ known as Mutamassik, a free class on DJ/production with Mad Professor, an audio installation that takes real-time financial data about genetically modified soy from Latin America and the Brabant region’s pig farming and translates it into sound, a dance party on the beautiful Croatian coast, and more…


tour dates

Aug 10 – Mudd Up Book Clubb. Madrid, Spain
Aug 12 – Terraneo Festival . Å ibenik, Croatia
Aug 16 – Nørrebroparken in Copenhagen, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik
Aug 17 – free Master Class w/ Rupture + Mad Professor! Culture Box, CPH
Aug 19 – Ã…rhus, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik.
Aug 20 – STØJ. Hillerød, Denmark.
Aug 24 – Paradiso . Amsterdam, NL. w/ The Ex
Aug 26 – Le Petit Bain . Paris, France. w/ Axel Krygier
Sept 9 – Cinematheque du Tanger. Tangier, Morocco. w/ Nettle & Imanaren
Sept 12-18 – The Soya Waltz (interactive audio installation) Incubate Festival . Tilburg, Holland

?? negrophonic.com twitter @djrupture

Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge Flier, Dre Skull, Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones, Atropolis

Last Sweat Lodge was our best yet!  Big shout to DJ Beto for coming through and throwing down with me, Geko Jones and Atropolis.  I had a blast.  The next one is approaching quickly and I am super excited to announce that we’ve got Brooklyn’s own Dre Skull as our guest.  Dre Skull runs the Mixpak label and just produced an amazing record with Vybz Kartel.  Kartel is to me one of the best and most interesting artists in dancehall music right now and I cannot overstate how impressed I am with Dre for his role in creating Kingston Story, their album.  Read all about it at Taliesin’s post here. On the night your’s truly Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones and Atropolis will be raising the temperature with your favorite tropical sounds so come dressed to sweat.



Dre Skull

Matt Shadetek

Geko Jones



Friday July 8th 10PM-4AM


The Cove, 108 N. 6th St

Brooklyn NY

L train to Bedford Ave

We’re dddddoing it again!  Sweat Lodge for June will be on Friday the 10th and we’ll be celebrating the release of our collaborative collection of t-shirts and hats with Gold Coast Trading Company.  We will have t-shirts and hats available for sale, along with our new and old CDs and 12″s.

This month’s installment will feature DJ Beto of the iBomba crew who have been doing some great stuff here in Brooklyn with their parties including with various members of the extended fam alongside myself, Atropolis and the big bad Geko Jones.  The last few have been amazing and with the temperature rising outside we are not letting up.

dutty artz sweat lodge matt shadetek geko jones dj beto atropolis




w/ your hosts

Matt Shadetek

Geko Jones


AND Special Guest:

DJ Beto (iBomba)


The Cove, 108 N. 6th St.  Brooklyn NY (Take L Train to Bedford)

Friday June 10th 10PM-4AM $FREE ADMISSION