Anthology of Booty @ iBomba in Brooklyn this Monday!

[Anthology of Booty]

It takes a few committed individuals to change how an entire city feels. I’ve perhaps never experienced this more than in Washington D.C. — forget all the suits selling off the American dream, my experience of D.C. is shaped by hanging out with inspiring community-conscious visionary musicians like the ladies of Anthology of Booty and the guys from Fugazi.

And tonight, DJs Bent, Mothersheister, and Natty Boom from Anthology of Booty are teaming up with iBomba’s Beto & Ushka to bring their AoB vibes to a free Brooklyn party at Bembe. details (FB invite), and peep the flyer and interview w/ AoB’s DJ Bent excerpted below:

What’s an Anthology of Booty party like?
A real mix of crowds sharing space in a party atmosphere. It’s a safe space — people will get wild, people will have fun, but violence or harassment will not be tolerated.

Given your anti-sexual harassment stance, why play raunchy songs?

The power of playing stuff like Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” and people hardcore booty dancing, grinding, going crazy — how does that coexist in a space where you’re talking about not having harassment or this vibe that it’s a meat market? That’s the space we try to create: a place where people can go wild without someone else taking it [as an invitation to harass].

So, when A.O.B. spins misogynistic jams, it’s a political statement?
All parties are political, whether it’s a fundraiser for Occupy Wall Street or whether it’s Backdoor.