The Agriculture– which put out /Ruptures cosmopolitan (and new mexican) bass excursion “Uproot” has some fresh goods coming to market.

[youtube][/youtube]Lloop’s “Autumn Rains Until Those of Spring” video by Peter Shapiro

Brooding dubstep for afronauts and the red eye(d) easyjet set. Lloop’s been working since the earl 90s Williamsburg rave scene on surreal and dubladen work – but i guess it was callled “illbient” back then-   “60 HERTZ” is the new album- and it’s reminding me yet again how lacking the hegemonic dubstep creation myth is for explaining the genres development. Causality in cultural production is always nearly impossible to pinpoint- but this album certainly points to a more complicated relationship between stateside and UK developments in electronic music.


extra credit- 60 hertz is the frequency of AC power in the states… out of work with some spare time?  take a photodiode, point it at a lamp and use it to control an oscillator- then u can listen to these sine waves humming all around us.


  1. Discussion of genres in music reviews are useful in exploring the originality of an artist’s sound.

    But too often it substitutes for any study of musical composition.

    Good point though – I’d forgotten about illbient.

  2. i agree- its not that im against genre designations (“its all just music man”)… i like being able to walk into a record shop and have things categorized- or a library- but it mostly seems to come down to creating new markets for sales and the “pitch” is lame if its just “NEW NEW NEW.”

    good point though- id love to see some critics take some western theory 101 tests- not that its the end all be all- of music appreciation or anything- but still

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