I’m about 600 pages into Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 –a book that is both horrible and hypnotic, one of the few Bolaño works I’ve been able to finish (Amuleto was the other one). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read a lot of most of his books, some in English and some in Spanish; I simply think he’s overrated and overtranslated when compared to the amazing wealth of other contemporary Latin American writers. 2666’s spot-on epigraph begins things with a quote from Baudelaire: “An oasis of horror in a desert of boredom”. The 1000+ page book is divided into five parts. I’m drowning in part four, “The Part About The Crimes”. It describes, in blunt unaffected language, dozens upon dozens of brutal rapes and murders that occurred in Santa Teresa. The Mexican border city is Bolaño’s fictional stand-in for the very real Ciudad Juárez, where hundreds of women have been killed in unsolved murders stretching back to 1993. As in 2666 , many of these women worked in the American-owned maquiladoras in the nearby desert, making products for export north.


If it were the stand-alone work of an unknown writer, The Part About The Crimes would be an insane, unpublishable anti-novel . But Bolaño’s writing has long embraced themes of systemic violence and the relationship (if any) of literature to any actual world.

Today, taking a break from the dark gravity of Part Four, I came across several related articles.

The New York Times reports that: “Foxconn, a Taiwanese firm that makes iPhones, Dell computers and other electronics, is one of several Asian companies taking root. It opened a plant in Juárez last summer. . .Despite several murders a day, trade between Juárez and Texas rose 47 percent last year to $71.1 billion.”

And The Guardian says: “Not by coincidence, Juarez is also a model for the capitalist economy. Recruits for the drug war come from the vast, sprawling maquiladora – bonded assembly plants where, for rock-bottom wages, workers make the goods that fill America’s supermarket shelves or become America’s automobiles, imported duty-free… ‘It’s a city based on markets and on trash,’ says Julián Cardona, a photographer who has chronicled the implosion.”

That quote brings to mind a scene from 2666‘s Part Three “The Part About Fate”, which chronicles a black New York City journalist who ends up in Santa Teresa covering a boxing game but learns about the killing of women (and ultimately engages in a favored Bolaño trope: having an outsider enter in a potentially lethal situation and extract a person at risk with the power of words or at least without physical force). This excerpt is rich in its typical Bolañoid blankness (“the sandwich was full of all kinds of things”), laced with a humor so dark you almost forget the room has no windows and we’re running out of air:

He could see hills on the horizon. The hills were dark yellow and black. Past the hills, he guessed, was the desert. He felt the urge to leave and drive into the hills, but when he got back to his table the woman had brought him a beer and a very thick kind of sandwich. He took a bite and it was good. The taste was strange, spicy. Out of curiosity, he lifted the piece of bread on top: the sandwich was full of all kinds of things. He took a long drink of beer and stretched in his chair. Through the vine leaves he saw a bee, perched motionless. Two slender rays of sun fell vertically on the dirt floor. When the man came back he asked how to get to the hills. The man laughed. He spoke a few words Fate didn’t understand and then he said not pretty, several times.

“Not pretty?”

“Not pretty,” said the man, and he laughed again.

Then he took Fate by the arm and dragged him into a room that served as a kitchen and that looked very tidy to Fate, each thing in its place, not a spot of grease on the white-tiled wall, and he pointed to the garbage can.

“Hills not pretty?” asked Fate.

The man laughed again.

“Hills are garbage?”

The man couldn’t stop laughing. He had a bird tattoed on his left forearm. Not a bird in flight, like most tattoos of birds, but a bird perched on a branch, a little bird, possibly a swallow.

“Hills a garbage dump?”

The man laughed even more and nodded his head.


And that’s that. The complex — and extremely macho — intensity of Bolaño’s Grand Novel can certainly benefit from queering interventions & inversions more about seeds than graves. First there’s Rihanna’s new single, in which the pop star from Barbados goes reggae as she recounts gunning down Chris Brown “a man”, in broad daylight, with immaculate hair and styling. Personally, I believe guns should be illegal. But I’m willing to make exceptions for Rihanna.

Edging further towards 2666 is Rita Indiana’s punk-mambo apocalyptic embrace of a song, whose title translates to “The Devil’s Takin’ Us Away”, which we produced and released on Dutty Artz awhile back — Rita was in NYC recently and whipped crowds into a frenzy with each performance of “No Ta Llevando El Diablo”. Here’s footage from her Summerstage rendition of it, “a tune so bold and out-of-this-world, that it really seems like a trip to hell.”


This post first appeared on Mudd Up!


Que Bajo?! returns to NYC after touring Miami, Medellin, Barranquilla, Bogota, Cali, and SXSW… come hear exclusive new remixes from myself, Uproot Andy, DJ Orion, Toy Selectah, Isa GT and more and check out our guest DJ’s Venus X of the Ghe20 Gothik Party who just rocked the shit out of the fader fort at SXSW and Panchitron from the Peligrosa All Stars crew down in Texas. Pancho’s mixtape stayed in heavy rotation last month for Que Bajo?! fans
Thursday March 31
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleeker St
11pm -$10


CIAfrica is a heavy crew. They have their own thing going on in Babi, Cote d’ivoire and run the sort of international basss weight productions that we live for- along with spitfire lyrics that jump between local concerns and international awareness. Basically they are dope as fuck. It is a huge honor and pleasure to finally see their DA debut up at all the usual spots and getting love from some serious heavyweight DJs, producers and friends.

Various tracks are being loaded to blogs of varying readership- but if you want a little somethin’ somethin’ straight from the elephants mouth….

Head over to bandcamp to DL a copy of the perfectly titled “Epikstar Riddim” from Babylon Residence. This is our first shot with bandcamp- and once we have your email address we’ll hit you with more free music and the occasional update.

DA007 DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica by Dutty Artz

COP THE ALBUM HERE, physical CDs in stores soon


Turntable Lab


There was a meta-data error at itunes- but it should be up ASAP

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYpkpGfmPgE&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] (h/t Kari)

I’m leaving America next Sunday. There’s nothing left for me here, and I’m not coming back. At least, not for a year. I’m not quite ready to leave, but I’m contractually obliged to- so this Sunday I’ll fly from JFK on a convoluted itinerary to Buenos Aires. I found out in the spring that I had received a Watson Fellowship. Wayne and Jace deserve credit as much as I do- they helped me craft my proposal. And there was some tactical chaos magic that nudged my chances just enough to matter.

So I’ll be gone for twelve months starting this august- attempting a sort of grand tour. Five months in S. America. A month in Jamaica. Six Months in Africa. Or something like that. So far only the first three months are planned. I’ll be in Argentina for a month, then Brazil for two. There’s a project behind all of this- a nebulous (now) attempt of getting a grasp of what it is that we (Dutty Artz) are engaged in from a broader prospective then I’ve previously had access to.

I’m looking for sustainable/scalable business models, new productions techniques, pirate economies, massive sound-systems, broken_links, and a bevy of things that I’m only faintly grasping at right now.

I’m taking a fancy camera and some HD recording devices and there are notions of collecting my documentation outside of the internet- creating a kind of visual/taxtual accompaniment to the Global Ghettotek fascination that I’ve been continually inoculated against but cant seem to quit. The whole project will be as open source as possible. I have no fucking idea what I’m doing, and need a lot of help. But there is powerful positive energy in the universe and I have my stars aligned and my crystals vibrating at 60 HZ just like the man at the botanica told me to do.

My email is TallyBower AAAATTTTTT GGGGMMMAAAAIILLL so if u have any suggestions, any friends anywhere along the way, beef to pick with the colonial underpinnings your reading in my mission, a favor to ask, food to try, places to surf, or anything that I need to know, or that you want to do for me, or that I can do for you. please just let me know.

It’s nearly impossible to leave New York- there’s too many people that I love, and projects that I care about- but nows as good a time as ever to get away.

Normally I delete all the boring press releases I get in my email but this one caught my eye and I thought the readership here might enjoy it.  Nice to see that the indigenous people in this country still have a sense of humor after centuries of genocide, mis-appropriation of tribal funds and general attempts to erase their nations, culture and selves.

For immediate release: Contact: Kerry Birnbach: 212-825-0028, ext. 212

April 1, 2010 kbirnbach@nyccah.org

Iroquois Leaders Assail Government Benefits for Illegal Immigrants;

Say Aid Should Be Denied to Anyone Entering U.S. in Last 25,000 Years

Tribal Leaders Blast “Broken Borders” that Allowed in Dobbs, Levy, Buchanan

Leaders of the five Native American nations that comprise the Iroquois League – comprised of the Mohawk , Oneida , Onondaga , Cayuga , and Seneca peoples – issued a joint statement today declaring anyone who entered the country without their permission after members of the League arrived (here between 25,000 and 60,000 years ago) to be an illegal alien who should be denied all government benefits as a first steps towards deportation. Under the proposed rules, approximately 98 percent of the current U.S. population could be considered illegal immigrants.

Said the statement, “Since we granted no permission for outsiders to enter the country after 23,000 B.C., anyone who did so is an illegal alien and should no longer be able to receive government welfare payments in the form of corporate agriculture subsidies, tax credits for stadium-building, mortgage interest deductions for vacation homes, or food stamp benefits. In the meantime, if they cannot speak any of the Iroquoian langauges, such as Mohawk, they should leave. People should simply accept that America always was, and always will be, an Indian Nation, and must wake up and realize the existential threat posed to our very existence by the broken borders that allowed in Lou Dobbs, Steve Levy, and Pat Buchanan. The only thing sadder to us than watching trash litter the landscape is watching people were immigrants themselves slamming other immigrants.”

Human beings originated in Olduvai Gorge (in present day Tanzania) about 2.5 million years ago. Kikuya tribal leaders from that area responded to the Iroquois in a statement today that said: “We believe that the Iroquois are illegal emigrants. Since they left our land 2.5 million years ago without our permission, they really have no right to be in North America either.”

In a related development, 10,000 angry Tea Partying Medicare recipients protested against themselves today, demanding that “government health care keep its grubby hands off our government health care.” Said one protestor, “I simply hate myself for benefiting from a program that proves that everything I stand for is flat-out wrong.”

Jahdan and I are off to Europe tonight and looking very much forward to our shows. We’ll be in Berlin from the 14th – 17th (Monday – Thursday) with some down time doing some interviews, voicing dubplates and seeing friends. If you’re around get at us via email or similar, my phone won’t be working out there. If you’re a sound and want dubs from Jahdan and are in any of the cities on the tour, holler.



Dec. 11th Nuernberg, AMPLIFIED ATTITUDE @ DESI
Dec. 12th Linz @ KAPU
Dec. 18th Cologne @ GLOBAL PLAYER
Dec. 19th Dresden @ ALTES WETTBÃœRO
Dec. 20th Berlin TBD



Dutty Artz Represents the World Town

Story Julianne Shepherd
Photography Jason Nocito

Encyclopedic, scholarly and wielding deep faith in riddim and vibes—the alchemy of the Brooklyn-based Dutty Artz crew is completely mystical and slightly awe-inspiring. Its main proprietors, the power trio of DJ/producers Jace Clayton aka DJ/Rupture, Matt Schell aka Matt Shadetek, and Roberto Fernandez aka Geko Jones, are dudes preeminently known for soliciting and disseminating the globe’s bangingest dancehall, dubstep, and cumbia beats. They have explored metropolises, townships and favelas to seek out music in its indigenous state and found likeminded friends in Brazil’s Maga Bo, Montreal’s Ghislain Poirier, and Cape Town’s African Dope Records crew, and when they can’t get to the most outward of dance music’s niches themselves, they have a gang of colleagues to carry the load. When a friend recently traveled to Distrito Federal in Mexico City, Jones begged him to bring back whatever wild music he could find. Thus, when you Google “tribal guarachero,” duttyartz.com is the only non-Spanish blog that results. They are archaeologists scouring the globe’s nooks and crannies with the curiosity of scientists, not conquistadors. They are so passionate about the beat, and generous with their knowledge of it, you almost don’t know where to begin the discussion.

Click HERE to read the rest of Julianne Shepherd’s intelligent and sincere article from The FADER #61.

This mix gets denser then pigs at a Smithfield subsidiary in Veracruz. Sonido Del Principe out of the Netherlands sent his New Summer Cumbia Mix over almost three weeks ago (is it five now?)- but better late then never. Some might not go in for the mashups and refix’s- but waking up on a Sunny day in hungary Hackney with the subs turned up this mix is a surefire winner.
entirely unrelated hoax image circa sars

With limited bandwidth- so grab from Mega Upload until I have a chance to up it to our servers…


01. Chico Cervantes – Cumbia de la Paz
02. Tremor – Viajante (Cumbia Cosmonauts Remix)
03. El Hijo de la Cumbia – La Mara Dub (SDP edit)
04. El Remolon – Bolivia
05. Dj Panik – Like this like that
06. Fauna vs Grandmaster Flash vs SDP
07. El Norte vs SDP – Wu-umbia!
08. Sonido Del Principe – El Principe
09. El Hijo de la Cumbia – Bombon Asesino version
10. Vampiros Deejaay vs SDP – Sexy Rod Dub
11. Prince vs SDP – If I was your Girlfriend
12. Grupo Adixion – Porque te Vas
13. Dj Panik – Te Vez Buena
14. Sonido Del Principe – Cartagena
15. Dead Menems – Taliban del Amor (El Remolon rmx)
16. Jozefa Matia vs SDP – Cumbia Solede
17. Sonido Del Principe – Shake it
18. Zomby vs. SDP – Shake that strange Fruit

Large Hangars and Fuel Storage/Tonopah Test Range, NV/Distance ~18 miles/10:44 am by Trevor Paglen

Mark Danner is one of the good journalists. His work navigates nearly impenetrable messes of deceit and deception like the 2000 Florida vote recount, the nefarious path to the American war in Afghanistan and Iraq, U.S. Military intervention in Reagen era El Salvador… the list goes on- but I think when you have Susan Sontag call you “one of our best, most ambitious narrative journalists” you’ve pretty much fulfilled your journalistic duty to the world.

One of my biggest fears during the election was that once/if Obama was elected there would be a psychic closure on the Bush years. In a more utilitarian sense, I am afraid that people are so excited about entering a “new era” that they  forget that there is a lot of unfinished business from the last 8 years that needs to be sorted out. Danner’s latest piece, “US Torture: Voices From the Black Sites,” which appeared in the new issue of the New York Review of Books on Monday, is doing some of the heavy lifting. It contains detailed accounts of interrogations of “highvalue detainees” at secret “black site” prisons. An excerpt from the piece – about a tenth of it – appeared on the OpEd page of Sunday’s New York Times. It’s a potent reminder that the clean up process has just begun.

Wayne says PDFs are the new MP3s- so here is a PDF of the whole article as it appeared in the New York Review of Books. This is painful to read, and while for some it might be confirming what they thought they already knew- there’s something deeply moving about reading first hand accounts of the abuse against “our enemies.”

Mark Danner “US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites” PDF (9 pages)

pic by tatyana-k

Well, I suggest you subscribe and check out the previous podcast, before we jump into this one.
All set? Alright, here it is-Recession Rap Podcast, a compilation of rap songs addressing the worldwide economic recession/depression, or more generally the everyday struggle and pain of financial pressure, the bread-n-butter hustle (or should that be food-n-gas?) that it comes it. Except for songs like Lil Wayne’s “Real Rap” which clearly is more about the post-Katrina nightmare that is now New Orleans and David Banner’s “Faith” which is about keeping faith and not collapsing or folding under pressure, nearly all of the raps here are directed at the economic suffering that is going on right now.

With that said, I’d also like to add that I did not necessarily/intentionally/exclusively look for a collection of rap voices of  depression or voices of the global gloom. In fact, some of the rap jams I have been posting here for the last few weeks are (on the contrary) very funny, and compassionate as well.  There’s a lot of struggle and darkness in the economic depression and it’s reflected in the music, but that’s not all it’s about.  For example, listen to Cam’ron’s “I Hate My Job”a song which is partly about a “everyday workingwoman,” whose job and workplace is toxic for her well-being ~financially, emotionally, and physically-“Being here 8 hours sure will get you nauseous...” On that same Cam’ron song listen to the chorus –“I put on my pants, put on shoes. / I pray to God, paid all my dues. / I’m trying to win, it seems like I was born to loose / All I can say…” It’s simple and very affecting, the virtue of getting up in the morning, putting your clothes on, one step at a time, and saying your prayer ~something struggling people do every morning, preparing themselves psychologically and spiritually for whatever the day brings, heartbreaks, knockdowns, and whatnot.

All the songs here are in that vein, impressive and amusing. It would have been impossible or just very lengthy if I had decided to cram all RRJs I gathered or posted, but I’m happy with this batch.  Download it, bump it in your car/ on your subway ride to work, play at home/ walk in the park, listen and enjoy.


Jahdan Blakkamoore Intro (Buzzrock Warrior coming soon on Dutty Artz)

Attitude f/ Jackie Chain – Money (off T.I.M. (Time Is Money) Warner Bros. Records 2009)

Gangsta Pill – Back Outside (off 4180: The Prescription mixtape, Grind Time 2009)

Cam’ron – I Hate My Job (from Crime Pays, Diplomat Records 2009)

Jadakiss f/ Barrington Levy – Hard Times (from The Last Kiss, Roc-A-Fella Records 2009)

G-Side f/ Shyft – Hit Da Block (from Starshipz & Rocketz, Slowmotion Soundz 2008)

Diata Sya – Saria (from Move It Chaleh! Akwaaba Music 2009)

Joell Ortiz – Bout My Money (off Free Agent, ???, 2009)

Kano – Paper (from 140 Grime Street, Bigger Picture Music 2008)

Rhymefest – Exodus 5.1(off El Che, J Records 2009)

Amanda Diva – Rebels (from Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul, DivaWorks Inc. 2009)

Young Jeezy – Circulate (off The Recession, Def Jam Records 2008)

Lil Wayne – Real Rap (off ???,??? 2009 )

David Banner – Faith (from The Greatest Story Ever Told, Universal Records 2009)

Willie Isz – In The Red (from Georgiavania, Lex Records 2009)

Good Enough!!

The Agriculture– which put out /Ruptures cosmopolitan (and new mexican) bass excursion “Uproot” has some fresh goods coming to market.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGBpVOztEL0[/youtube]Lloop’s “Autumn Rains Until Those of Spring” video by Peter Shapiro

Brooding dubstep for afronauts and the red eye(d) easyjet set. Lloop’s been working since the earl 90s Williamsburg rave scene on surreal and dubladen work – but i guess it was callled “illbient” back then-   “60 HERTZ” is the new album- and it’s reminding me yet again how lacking the hegemonic dubstep creation myth is for explaining the genres development. Causality in cultural production is always nearly impossible to pinpoint- but this album certainly points to a more complicated relationship between stateside and UK developments in electronic music.


extra credit- 60 hertz is the frequency of AC power in the states… out of work with some spare time?  take a photodiode, point it at a lamp and use it to control an oscillator- then u can listen to these sine waves humming all around us.

  I <3 synths! Like for real- I just fucking love them. (Is that like saying you love drums?)

Having spent countless hours soldering little bits of plastic and metal on bread boards and taking apart toys and keyboards.(and plugging away at a Serge like the one to the left).. I’m still amazed by how emotive a little bit of electricity can be.  Eternal love to Mr Gray for getting the whole thing started- but there are some new comers who are pushing the envelope and combining serious dance floor sensibility (or maybe sensitivity) with enough experimental flare to keep things interesting.

In Vienna last Saturday I stopped in at the nearly impossible to find Club U (as cute as it might seem- maybe dont name your venue the same thing as the five thousand signs for the subway that surround it) to hear from Glasgow’s Hudson Mohawke. Running a combo serato and ableton set up with some akai mpd controller action- dude properly destroyed the room with a much too short set. I’ve been checking Hudmo ever since his “Ooops” release of absolutely face melting hip-hop/rnb refixes. Seeing him live made me wonder if the term braindance might make a resurgance…but the music gods want something NEW to talk about….

If you squint a little music criticism starts to embody all the reasons that I hate (and find myself returning to) academic art history. Inbred pedanctic circle jerks aside- there’s something to be said for trying to come up with a critical apparatus for new works that have, in their unwieldy descent through the market, yet to find their historical/critical resting place. While creating/defending/destroying genre designations certainly is not the most important work of a critic- no one can avoid recycling and regurgitating the genre question when it comes to (cue Marsalis trumpets) the new era in BASS music that we may, are, ought to, have, havnt, possibly, can, enter did enter or passed through.

Saving my own didactic desires/nonsene- I’ll just share what to me are prime examples of……(wait for it)….. music that makes people dance in the club and makes me smile – even while enjoying my Hungarian subway stations multi-use  communal restroom, bakery and public transportation smell.  Both tracks have great synth work and even though they are bass heavy bangers- they both sound solid on laptop speakers.


Rod Lee – Let Me See What U Workin With (Rustie Remix)

Cop from Dress 2 $weat


Hud Mo- Ooops

Also- buyable

p.s. Can we talk about Tweet’s “Oops” as presaging the Recession Rap movement with her own libidinal credit crunch tale?

Filastine is currently wrapping up an Australian tour w/ Maga Bo and gearing up for a series of European dates.  His new album, Dirty Bomb comes out next month on Soot (US/UK), Uber Lingua (Australia), Post World Industries (digital), Jarring Effects (France), and ROMZ (Japan). Hot, sizzling beats to tear down systems of authority, break regulated, logical frameworks, overthrow the world, create/imagine something else.  Yes, it’s a very inspiring and raw record you need to get your ears around.  Filastine is one of the few producers who can actually build coherence by cutting up and juxtaposing voices and noise, creating spark and astonishment thru sound collage.  In addition to being an incredible artist, he’s a great blogger, here, detailing his routes, travels, and telling the stories behind the songs on his new album.  Check out this excerpt from a recent post about the creation of the track “Hungry Ghosts”:

I developed this track over a few weeks in Kyoto, staying in the house of Shimizu (guitarist of post-rock band Soft). It’s the kind of old kyoto house made mostly of paper and thin wood, where someone of my height must duck at all times.

On my way to Tokyo to record ECD and fly to the United States, I detoured via a series of trains and small buses to arrive in a mountain village. From there I walked up a path through the forest for a few hours to arrive at the hot springs frequented by a pack of wild monkeys.
There i stripped naked to sit in a hot pool, with curious monkeys gazing on. Later I went to stare at them in their preferred pools. After a few hours of this I hiked down to the small bus, then small trains, then a shinkansen bullet train that took me into central tokyo, changing to a few metro lines and arriving in Shinjuku financial district, the odd location of Irregular Rhythm Asylum, Japan’s anarchist/activist infohub.

Filastine – Hungry Chosts (Feat. Wire MC & ECD)


* the Hungarian people- as an explanation from a cultural minister as to why everything in Budapest is decaying into a fine silt.

Refix of a classifc for '09 from the infatiguable Adam R. Garcia
I’m feeling optimistic so check this refix of a classic from indefatigable designer Adam R. Garcia

I have just moved to Hungary to take up my position as the newly minted central/eastern (depending on your cartographic/geopolitical inclinations) European D.A. correspondent. I thought I might give you a short timeline cribbed from the BBC.

1526 – Ottoman Turks defeat forces of Hungarian king at Battle of Mohacs

And lots of other shit happened (roughly in the order of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Communists, Nazis, Communists, Democracy, NATO, and finally EU membership) as well…. but this one point will augment my main observation about the city….

1. Budapest  is  OLD (meaning you can still go enjoy a sunday floating in the medicinal baths built by the Ottomans in the middle of the 16th century)
2. It’s also really fucking cold (meaning that it is hard to imagine anything nicer then spending sunday floating  in the medicinal baths built by the Ottomans in the middle of the 16th century)

Quality of life here for an expat tourist/student like myself (especially given that my money is kept in dollars) is high. Amazing affordable food, cheap housing with 20 ft. ceilings and all that….. but rather then bore you with a Rick Steve’s travelogue… here’s my latest mix (recorded for the helpful hotlinkers over at BassFaced)  finally coming to rest at home- recorded way back in 08….Now that I am in Hungary, my  lack of turntables is pushing me towards ableton, so expect original tunes and mechanically tinged mixes soon…

 Taliesin “Apricity” 66.9 MB


“?????” – Kubo Remix
Dev79 – In Ya Face
CardoPusher – Low End Legacy
Vybz Kartel – Empire Army
Dead Prez – Politrikkks
Wisp – Whisper
Thark – Apatia
BD-1982 – Seeing Orange
Connor- Belles
Aleister Crowley – Gnostic Mass
Duran Duran Duran – Unholy Dracula Vagina Alien
Flying Lo – RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly)
David Banner – Shawty Say (feat. Weezy)
Saigon – Come on Baby (Inst.)
Mali – Pale Twop
Shit Mat – Big Ben’s Big Remix
Jahdan Blakkamoore – Bus it Pon Dem
Small Professor – Kelis

Also if you happen to be in Europe, Ill be taking much of April and May (and various weekend trips) to tour the continent- so be in touch- either for bookings, or just to go out for a drink somewhere along the way.