Filastine is currently wrapping up an Australian tour w/ Maga Bo and gearing up for a series of European dates.  His new album, Dirty Bomb comes out next month on Soot (US/UK), Uber Lingua (Australia), Post World Industries (digital), Jarring Effects (France), and ROMZ (Japan). Hot, sizzling beats to tear down systems of authority, break regulated, logical frameworks, overthrow the world, create/imagine something else.  Yes, it’s a very inspiring and raw record you need to get your ears around.  Filastine is one of the few producers who can actually build coherence by cutting up and juxtaposing voices and noise, creating spark and astonishment thru sound collage.  In addition to being an incredible artist, he’s a great blogger, here, detailing his routes, travels, and telling the stories behind the songs on his new album.  Check out this excerpt from a recent post about the creation of the track “Hungry Ghosts”:

I developed this track over a few weeks in Kyoto, staying in the house of Shimizu (guitarist of post-rock band Soft). It’s the kind of old kyoto house made mostly of paper and thin wood, where someone of my height must duck at all times.

On my way to Tokyo to record ECD and fly to the United States, I detoured via a series of trains and small buses to arrive in a mountain village. From there I walked up a path through the forest for a few hours to arrive at the hot springs frequented by a pack of wild monkeys.
There i stripped naked to sit in a hot pool, with curious monkeys gazing on. Later I went to stare at them in their preferred pools. After a few hours of this I hiked down to the small bus, then small trains, then a shinkansen bullet train that took me into central tokyo, changing to a few metro lines and arriving in Shinjuku financial district, the odd location of Irregular Rhythm Asylum, Japan’s anarchist/activist infohub.

Filastine – Hungry Chosts (Feat. Wire MC & ECD)



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