1. Holy shit. That’s bad. Sorry rupture. The bad thing is we all get fucked once (or more). Hope it’s the last time.

  2. just when things were getting FUN!

    hope you kept a log of it all somewhere… amazing what a little beef will pull out of the usually anonymous readers of the blogosphere

  3. This post, via Google cache, is very sad news. Sad that it got relegated to the cache as well. I hope a lot of good things come out of it when it comes out again.

  4. very unpleasant story. i never received any information about uproot, not even an email – and i’ve received a ton of emails about other projects managed/promoted by the people memtioned. as i’m not writing about music at all anywhere any more, this is neither here nor there, but this lack of contact in the face of plenty of contact about other ventures/projects is pretty telling. for what it’s worth, i bought the CD and have been really enjoying it on a non-journalistic basis.

  5. Charles fucked the Agriculture and it’s respective artists big time, took the ca$h and ran. Your supposed to give updates weekly, not once every six months. Even if the journalists say they ain’t feeling the record, you let the client know the score.

    If Charles worked for Zzzonked then he must be good, I know them thru my time at Virgin and have plenty of respect for them. Charles must have known that he was leaving Zzzonked to start up on his own, and I’d say he took the job of promoin’ Uproot under x amount of false pretense.

    Beccy, your a bit out of order in regards to the ‘ego’ comment, you clearly don’t know who your talking about.

    Justice, yer right, let’s out the bastid!

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