Jackie Mittoo – Ayatollah


The Willows – Moses Version


Barington Levy – Rock and Come In Scientist Extended Mix

If you like these shattered songs, do come in early tomorrow! I’ve got loads more (rare vinyls in digital format), and I plan to to play a dub-heavy set tomorrow night, 10PM – 11:30-ish.  I might drop in two or three recent favorites/freshness, but I’d like to keep it 97% dusty and mystical! Also, I don’t feel the pressure/anxiousness I felt last/first time I deejayed (although NY Tropical 6 was quite massive!) The nervousness is dissolving, and quickly being replaced by excitement and optimism.  If I lapse into a state of irreverence or just absolute enjoyment… I’m only letting the music take over.  Reality is hard right now, goal is to get lifted and transported. Enjoyment!


  1. Thanks for lifting and transporting.

    That unknown track is The Willows – “Moses [version]” , the b side dub for “Send Another Moses”

    I’ve always enjoyed the Lopez Walker version too.

  2. “Reality is hard right now, goal is to get lifted and transported.”

    looking fwd DUTTY FLEX

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