Bersa #6 Release Party

Que Bajo Bersa 6

Bersa Discos are releasing their latest EP of neo cumbia remixes very soon (check Turntable Lab) and we are celebrating the occasion in New York at this month’s Que Bajo at Santos Party House tomorrow night, Thursday Oct 15th. ¬†Bersa #6 features tunes by Sabo & Cassady and we will have Sabo in the house tomorrow night along with Bersa co-founder Disco Shawn over from the bay area. ¬†Geko Jones and I, fresh off our tour of the US and Colombia, will be there as always and, being that my first record was also on Bersa, it is decidedly a family affair.

Also, we get to offer this dope cut off the record for download:

Sabo & Cassady – Kuff Kumbia


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  1. … And it’s Disco Shawn’s actual birthday party. Unlike the kick ass Tormenta Tropical birthday party in SF, this’ll be the real deal. I suggest showing up.

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