It’s Black History Month, so we reflect on our dark-brown and black American heroes. iTunes is providing a road-map to our immediate musical heroes. Lil Wayne is black, and the Black Eyed Peas are caramel. You already know, Kanye West is blacker than Cornel West, but Cornel West is a better rapper. Stevie Wonder smiles way too much, and R. Kelly is the walking embodiment of complicated. Dr. Dre’s great grandfather escaped from a plantation and started a own colony somewhere out West. Kid Cudi wears white-boy suits; he is a regular on MTV. Michael Jackson is not dead; he is white.


  1. it’s Black MEN’S History month, at least according to iTunes.

    to quote Godspeed: “Who among us shall revenge Miss Nina Simone?”

  2. If you peep the whole list, you’ll fine Mary J., Sade, Ms. Hill, Ms. Keys, Fantasia among others, but of course, the men are up front, and discounted!

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