Did today happen? Does adulthood exist? All I know is that it’s snowing, again — or maybe it never stopped. The last time I was this tired I was walking through a forest after a show and before the airport. Mudd. Deliciously low visibility. A river. Nature has so many things without off switches. We passed a homeless guy pushing a cart.

Last night’s radio show, now streaming, featured a very informative Benjamin Lebrave from Akwaaba Music.

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  1. Excellent show! Big up Benjamin and Akwaaba on the move! That last track with the Nigerian female vocalist is crazy!

    Though I have to say (and I’ll tell Benjamin this when I see him!) that his point about folks in Africa not having any idea who Biggie was is very incorrect. While, Tupac was/is tremendously more popular, probably five or ten times more known than Biggie, at the age of 11 or thirteen when I was living in Freetown I was aware of Biggie. I was listening to Junior M.A.F.I.A. when I was in primary school. Anyway, my point is, fifteen years ago, and probably before the East/West beef, African kids knew about Biggie and were partying/dancing to “One More Chance.” Things are different today, and a lot has changed; at this time, I doubt some young rap fans, even those living in the US have much to say about East/West beef… some probably won’t even remember Ja Rule or DMX.

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