1. If you like funny anti-big business letters, like this one, you might check out “Letters from a Nut” or it’s sequel, “More Letters from a Nut”. Jerry Seinfeld wrote the forward to both books, I believe. My favorite is the letter written to Coca-Cola to alert them of a new product called “Kiet Doke” which “tastes nothing like Diet Coke”. Coke’s response to the letter is serious and hilarious. Similarly, the guy writes a letter to Pepsi Cola, Co. explaining how his new product, “Piet Depsi”, is nothing like “Diet Pepsi”. Pepsi’s response is equally humorous.

  2. I should do this to Meteor (Irish Mobile Telco) – they sent me a solicitors letter for 26EUR outstanding on my account yet my online bill says I am only 4EUR in arrears – Bunch of Muppets.

  3. this is brilliant!! I will use it with my boss when he asks for reports and other useless data.

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