Tribal Guarachero


Mi amigo Jean Bernabe went down to el Districto Federal en Mexico and did some recon on underground sounds coming outta there. Among the gems he brought back was a CD he found at a flea market/garage sale with 168 unmixed cuts of poorly labeled mp3’s simply titled Lo Mejor del Tribal. The cover has three indigenous face masks from different eras and a crowd at a rave. I have it from on high (via text from Toy Selectah) that this stuff is what los carnales are calling Tribal Gurachero.


As you can hear its tribal house with a cumbia/guarachero twist for the ravers out there in D.F. and surrounding areas.  Its miles away from the latin house we get bombarded with here in New York. Strictly bounce this scene seems to be coming out of San Antiguo and D.F.

” Tribal  Guarachero is the Mexican ghettotech…Very undeveloped yet, but that with a lil bmore and fidget….”

– Toy Selectah

And if you’ve heard Toy play out you know the brother knows what he’s talking about.

The bad news… The vast majority of the tracks on the CD clock in at 80 kpbs so its of no use outside your i-pod unless you want to listen to it as reference for production ideas.

The good news is  I don’t really take no for an answer so I’ve been digging and I found these RAR‘s this morning. Most of it is a lil too euro for my taste but there’s a couple heaters in there if you go through them. If you have any of this stuff throw it up in comments


  1. is there any one out there who
    will sell this on cd,
    as i am a dj and would like to have some of this tribal music
    please reply asap thanks
    i will keep on looking elsewhere for tribal until i find some ,

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