1. In the second verse of this song Manusa refers to demonstrations that happen in Abidjan where police and army shoot to kill the people that are asking for justice and democracy. In the same conditions in Europe, even when the rioters go hard on state forces, they take tear gas and sometimes hard beating, but no shooting with real bullets that kill.
    Justice comes step by step and is creeping when it comes to Africa. So please, US and french governments that have sold land mine and guns to Africans so they can slaughter themselves for decades, please, sell them now the good weapons! the one you can use against your own demonstrators! sell them the tear gas, the tasers, the flashballs! Peace to Manusa, the MAN from United States of Africa.

  2. in my country
    everything can be sold, everything can be bought
    everything ends up into songs, everything is sung dancing
    in any case everybody fuck up their ass even the boys

    in my country
    ever since the 12yo its heavy, ever since the 12yo the kids get comfortable,
    make business, dream of getting thru, want to transgress
    dream of taxing even the countrymen from Sansan or from Sassandra

    come down where human life is worth nothing

    in my country
    there’s the law and the laws on my combat pants
    there’s crisis, unemployment and scrublands on music that gets the kids retarded

    in my country
    soldiers are forced to shoot patriots with real ammos while in their country demonstrators beat up the police for real

    here thousands of UN soldiers carry aids, transmit aids to our prostitute sisters and our insane brothers who go for homosexuality

    the hatred we have no one deserved it

    at my place there’s no law against bodies to be looted, at my place there’s no law against prostitutes
    there’s no law to condemn those who looted the treasury coffers

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