It’s gonna be good: DAS RACIST has put together an amazing playlist of music from South Asia & diaspora for today’s special edition of MuddUp with DJ Rupture on WFMU 91.1fm. It starts with Queen! So tonight’s show is already next-level. Tune in live from 7-8pm EST, streaming worldwide via wfmu.org. (if this DR reminder is news to you, check this post).

And I’m very pleased to announce that my next radio guest wil be the always-inspiring writer / editor / superhero JULIANNE ESCOBEDO SHEPHERD (with a 78% chance of Dapwell)! She’ll be joining us on Monday November 8th. Keywords: DANCE MUSIC.

(I’m blogging this on a phone on BoltBus. Now I’m bus-sick. Dedication vs stupidity).

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