@DubbelDutch 12″ White Label Stream + MPFREE + Order

You can order our killer 12″ from Dubbel Dutch now from Crosstalk HERE. Numbers are limited, but it should reach all your favorite shops shortly.

Fact is calling this “the most realised embodiment of Dutch’s wide-reaching, net-digging aesthetic to date,” and from a producer who already gets plays NguzuNguzu, Untold, Bok Bok, L- Vis 1990, Sinden, Brodinski, Jamie XX, and DA crew,  THAT’S NO JOKE

When Shadetek  and /Rupture first came into the game, white labels and test presses were THE secret weapons in every DJ’s crate. Long before mp3 blasts and re-mastered youtube rips a trip to London or Berlin (or insane post charges)  meant the possibilities of getting your hands on exclusive fire. Wanting to bring the DA brand out of the limitations of bits and into the hearts and hands of their supporters, we have decided to make things- gear you can melt, scratch, break or lose when you move. An exclusive apparel collection with Gold Coast Trading Company and white label 12″ with our friend Dubbel Dutch are just the first of a series of interventions DA is making into the physical.

Dubbel Dutch – Fem Pressure 320 [audio: http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/A1.%20FEM%20PRESSURE-%20DUBBEL%20DUTCH.mp3]



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