HBM-001: St. Google Prayer Candles (available exclusively at Change the Mood, Aug 17th @ Glasslands NYC)

HBM-002: Dubious Prey Tanks (available now at the DA webshop)

Hello Bad Mind is a new object oriented project studio I opened to bring physical manifestations of my work into the world.

I’m sick of the screen. We all are. Bruce Sterling’s latest forecast imagines 2031 when, “No one can afford to track the ageing data, archive it or save it. There is little desire to try. New schemes have disrupted the Internet; they are vaster, faster, friendlier, more interesting.” The attention economy simply doesn’t give a fuck about your content. On to the next one is the rallying cry of a consumptive vortex.

Your movie, your music, your collection of hentai kitten videos. It’s all the same, and soon to be outdated and inaccessible thanks to changing protocols, proprietary systems and creeping forced incompatibility. I like the intimacy of digital space, but my experience with physical phenomenon and organic decay holds faster in my mind. Hello Bad Mind is my next step towards creating the economies I want to support and engaging new networks of production and distribution.

For more info on both… (more…)

We’ve been sitting on this amazing EP from Chants since late last year and it’s finally time to bring the Night After EP out to the world. The EP will drop on May 29th on gorgeous full color vinyl (peep Shadetek with a copy above) and digital. It’s just in time for Winter in the S. Hemisphere and the increasingly insane weather patterns the world over. Intense headphone blizzards with enough low-end to climb the walls of a Funktion1.   Dummy premiered my favorite track off the release earlier this week–stream  “Ice Harvesting” below.

You can pre-order the vinyl here. All vinyl purchases will come with a DL code for the full digital package including incredible remixes from the homies Lōtic , Old Money Massive, and adoptahighway. Layout from our steady design boss Talacha.Net  featuring the gorgeous photo work of Chris Wainwright. GET FAMILIAR

Imanaren is beautiful mystical music from the south of Morocco. Jace found them during our Beyond Digital residency project last summer in Casablanca- and after becoming close friends with the band leader Hassan, we decided to re-release their self titled, DIY full length. We traveled to Hassan’s hometown of Issafen via a grueling 12 hour drive into a sublime desert of martian rock formations and dusty oases. Nearly half way through our stay, Hassan’s father finally asked us why exactly we had come. Hassan isn’t allowed to play music in the house, so we recorded with his local friends and fellow musicians in a natural amphitheater carved out by a waterfall in a dry gorge. We will be selling an extremely limited number of the original Moroccan CD pressings that Hassan had distributed on a small scale through Morocco- other then that, stream it all on Hassan’s youtube channel – or cop it amazon, boomkat, or any other fine digital shop. Watch the video we shot in Issafen for “Flowering Of The Wise” and Hassan’s first collabo with Nettle below.

I’m not sure if they’re referring to the son of Tarzan,  town in Nepal, or the language from Papua New Guinea, but we’re proud to announce DA013 the Korak EP from Contakt & Mayster. The duo are behind TURRBOTAX®, Brooklyn’s own XLR8R sponsored “un-pretentious yet forward thinking and adventurous” club night at The Cove, now turning two years old.

On “Korak” tropical percussion, 808 cowbells and an assortment of clicks and pops whir and collide around a throbbing, syncopated bass line. DA’s own Matt Shadetek provides a NYC 3Ball rework with nuff bass to rattle windows and rib cages. The b-side “Opar” is a study in tension and release with a more classic 4×4 house beat while Contakt & Mayster create a soundscape with reversed cymbals and filtered percussion. Doc Daneeka comes through with a UK Funky remix.

Out Soon!!!!


We’re dddddoing it again!  Sweat Lodge for June will be on Friday the 10th and we’ll be celebrating the release of our collaborative collection of t-shirts and hats with Gold Coast Trading Company.  We will have t-shirts and hats available for sale, along with our new and old CDs and 12″s.

This month’s installment will feature DJ Beto of the iBomba crew who have been doing some great stuff here in Brooklyn with their parties including with various members of the extended fam alongside myself, Atropolis and the big bad Geko Jones.  The last few have been amazing and with the temperature rising outside we are not letting up.

dutty artz sweat lodge matt shadetek geko jones dj beto atropolis




w/ your hosts

Matt Shadetek

Geko Jones


AND Special Guest:

DJ Beto (iBomba)


The Cove, 108 N. 6th St.  Brooklyn NY (Take L Train to Bedford)

Friday June 10th 10PM-4AM $FREE ADMISSION


Last week I broke you off with a little preview- but the Gold Coast collabo is finally here for you to rock. You can check the whole look book here. Purchase here.

If you want to cop the gear and can’t wait for it to get shipped from Gold Coast- you are in luck. Tonight is the album release party for DA’s latest signing Atropolis – and you can grab the new gear along with any of our old physical releases you might have missed. The Cove 108 N. 6th St. Brooklyn, NY. L train to Bedford Ave. Friday May 13th, FREE PARTY 10-4AM

I’m nasty sick in S. Africa and ran out of hours on my NetJets account last week going falconing in Dubai- so I’ll miss Sweat Lodge. BUT I cooked up a new mix of all DA material to celebrate the Gold Coast release- if you can’t make it – here’s a little taste of what your missing.
Taliesin- “Tropical In System”
[audio: http://nyc.duttyartz.com/ta1ies1in/Taliesin-Tropical_In_System_Mix_DuttyArtzXGoldCoastTrading.mp3]

01. Knight Magic – El Baile De La Cumbia
02. Matt Shadetek – Beenie Eyes
03. Cauto – Bona Vida
04. Akon- Right Now (Na na na) (Chief Boima Mbalax Decale Remix)
05. DJ Rupture + Matt Shadetek + Chief Boima – Elegy for Mr Peach
(Rupture Remix)
06. Atropolis – NYChero
07. Shake Dem Dreads-Chief Boima
08. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Dem Nuh Like It (feat. 77Klash and Spoek Mathambo)
09. Blak Ryno – Nuh Tek Talk (Matt Shadetek DanceHallZone Remix)
10. Deb Cox- It’s Over (Dubbel Dutch White Label Remix)
11. Nasty-J’reste Une Hard
12. Babylon Residence- Epikstar Riddim (Total Freedom’s Monster Refix)

Next Friday (the 13th! hope you’re not a superstitious partier!) at Sweat Lodge we’ll be celebrating the release of new DuttyArtizt Atropolis debut self-titled album.  Atropolis will be joined live by Uruguayan singer Noelia Fernandez (who appears on the album) and her comparsa and Nabin Shanti will MC for his set.  On hand will be myself Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones, Chief Boima and DJ /Rupture.  So far these parties have been nothing short of amazing and we aim to continue the trend.  This time we’ll also have some exclusive Dutty Artz stuff for sale including CDs of the Atropolis album, new Dutty Artz hats and hopefully t-shirts too if the boxes arrive in time.  This will be the first time any of this stuff is available for sale anywhere. The party itself is FREE cuz we’re nice like that.


Atropolis Album Release feat. Atropolis w/ special guests Noelia Fernandez & her comparsa and Nabin Shanti


DJ /Rupture

Matt Shadetek

Chief Boima

Geko Jones

The Cove 108 N. 6th St. Brooklyn, NY.  L train to Bedford Ave.

Friday May 13th, FREE PARTY 10-4AM

You can order our killer 12″ from Dubbel Dutch now from Crosstalk HERE. Numbers are limited, but it should reach all your favorite shops shortly.

Fact is calling this “the most realised embodiment of Dutch’s wide-reaching, net-digging aesthetic to date,” and from a producer who already gets plays NguzuNguzu, Untold, Bok Bok, L- Vis 1990, Sinden, Brodinski, Jamie XX, and DA crew,  THAT’S NO JOKE

When Shadetek  and /Rupture first came into the game, white labels and test presses were THE secret weapons in every DJ’s crate. Long before mp3 blasts and re-mastered youtube rips a trip to London or Berlin (or insane post charges)  meant the possibilities of getting your hands on exclusive fire. Wanting to bring the DA brand out of the limitations of bits and into the hearts and hands of their supporters, we have decided to make things- gear you can melt, scratch, break or lose when you move. An exclusive apparel collection with Gold Coast Trading Company and white label 12″ with our friend Dubbel Dutch are just the first of a series of interventions DA is making into the physical.

Dubbel Dutch – Fem Pressure 320 [audio: http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/A1.%20FEM%20PRESSURE-%20DUBBEL%20DUTCH.mp3]


Matt Shadetek returns to “minimalist grime principles” this week with the killer Dutty House EP! Check out the addictive “Wonton Garden” riddim (which refused to die and here in its official/proper release) + the recent refix of Blak Ryno’s “Nuh Tek Talk” on Eddie Stats’ essential weekly roundup of heaters Ghetto Palms.

Blak Ryno – Nuh Tek Talk (Matt Shadetek Dutty House Rmx) by mattshadetek

After almost a year of work, New York Tropical is finally hitting digital shops today, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. 12 dope tracks, almost all unreleased, and styles from Funky to Cumbia with a little bit of ambient/Rupture in between for the subway ride home.  If you didn’t already pick up the ringtone (.mp3 and iphone compatible) edit of the album- grab it– I highly recommend DJ Orion’s Undertow Inst for early morning wake ups.  Expect a few tracks to start leaking out into the internet and a new mix from me next week.

Until then, grab a copy

itunes, boomkat, amazon, turntable lab, etc

1. Knight Magic – El Baile de la Cumbia
2. Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Kingdom remix)
3. Matt Shadetek & Lamin Fofana – Sunshine City
4. La Ola Criminal – Sin Gas
5. Maga Bo – Analys D’Amour (instrumental)
6. DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek – Sunset B35
7. DJ Orion – The Undertow (instrumental)
8. KG – I’m Feeling Funky
9. Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente (new mix + master)
10. DJ /rupture, Matt Shadetek, & Chief Boima – Elegy for Mr Peach (Rupture mix)
11. Lido Pimienta – La Minga (Sonora remix)
12. Matt Shadetek – This Is Love

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This is the moment in the game when Rita Indiana takes over. When she starts to win everything. Rising stars, the best celestial event, we sit back & enjoy.


Just months (!) after her debut release entered the world via yr favorite GIF-maker’s favorite DIY media hallucination/fuckup-garden, DUTTY ARTZ, Rita indiana has created a Modern Masterpiece, a genius-monster of an album called El Juidero. It launched this week on the same label that catapulted Aventura into bachata stardom.

Rita’s one of those people who seem to effortlessly bend the laws of the possible… and do it in style — with content as well! The mind boggles. I tried to explain things over here… The former novelist’s way with words is incredible, so let’s just say we feel sorry for the gringo massive who can’t understand her lyrics because Rita is at the top of the lyrics game… for real. And the more you know about Dominican and related music(s), the deeper her songs & structures will reach. Context! plus Voodoo, baby! UNDARUNDEIRO 4 LIFE. (By the way, I was just talking with Ivory, he joined Rita & I to lay down some percussion on ‘Los Poderes’, and he was telling me about Garifuna musicians playing gigs up in the Bronx! Plus young, fast accordionists.)

So. El Juidero. We love Club Fonograma’s 5-star review: “Add Rita Indiana Hernandez to the list of extraordinary individuals who carry transcendence in every step of their creative spectrum.” We love the review because it is one hundred percent accurate, a rare journalistic event!

Picture 213

[clearly, Dominican cake]

The best part about running a DIY media hallucination/fuckup garden is watching great things happen to members of the Dutty Artz family as we explode into the world, determined to make it swing a little harder. We’re gonna make our cake and we’re gonna share our cake and we’re gonna eat that cake too, all at same time. (Cake metaphors = prepping you for our 12-part series on Dominican cake extragavance in NYC, they’re downright architectural).

Here’s the title track from El Juidero:

plus a deliciously funny song about ‘el maldito feisbu’ (think Zuckerberg) which she fed to the internet this winter: