We’re pleased to announce the 12″ release of “The General” the first single from Jahdan’s Buzzrock Warrior album, coming this fall.  The release is a collaboration with the Liondub International label which is only fitting since Liondub and I built the riddim for “The General” together.  Liondub has also enlisted two of his friends Marcus Visionary and Noah D. on remix duties and they turned out two dutty dubstep mixes.  Both of them have been coming with a lot of fire lately all over the place.  This is a UK pressing so it will be easier to find over there but some copies will be arriving stateside soon.  Downloads will be available before too long but currently the release is vinyl only.

Buy it:

Japan: Newtone

UK: Juno, Black Market, HTFR

Netherlands: Triple Vision


A big thanks to everyone who bought and voted for Jahdan’s group Noble Society’s album Take Charge on iTunes this year earning it the iTunes 2008 Best Reggae Album honors. The record is sick and Jah D, Diego Fuego and Delie have been working hard on it for a good long while, very nice to see some recognition coming back to the family. A big shout to Moon and everyone over at the Lustre Kings label, they’ve got a lot more exciting reggae music out and more coming.

Listen to clips from Take Charge here, and buy it here.

19. The Spectacle is heir to all the weakness of the project of Western Philosophy… So far from realizing philosophy, the spectacle philosophizes reality, and turns the material life of everyone into a universe of speculation.

A platform is a context, medium or venue for the presentation of people, events, objects or information. An art gallery is a platform, as is a radio show, as is a TV variety show, as is a magazine, as is a certain kind of website (YouTube, Flickr, MySpace). One who invents a platform and works actively with it as a medium for the presentation of others is a “platformist.” The platformist is a kind of artist—an artist at presenting others. This presentation of others—of all the world’s variety, whether it’s people or objects—is the territory of the producer, the impresario and the collector. Platforming as a conscious pursuit is a fairly recent development in our evolution. We look to P. T. Barnum for its roots.

If in the 16th century “printing… helped to fix the vernacular languages and encouraged the development of national literatures”- then is the fear of a homogenizing effect on thought and culture not be feared as a result of the internet?…One fact must not be lost sight of: the printer and the bookseller worked above all and from the beginning for profit.

VII. For the critic, his colleagues are the higher authority. Not the public. Still less, posterity.///The survival of artworks should be represented from the standpoint of their struggle for existence.///[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VrogNec03Y&feature=channel_page[/youtube] ///I sense (false?) that my internet consumption is somehow constituting myself. Maybe this is because the data flow that defines my consumption is so easily tracked and knowable. Meaning there is a specific history and cache that I can look to that says that in the last tracking period, I have visited XYZ and in most cases anyone else with an internet connection could take that list and exactly follow my path. The imperative of societies of control is data accumulation, and manipulation. The dark paradox is that increasingly, users submit this data themselves. When we talk of the ideology of late stage capitalism and its tendency towards reducing people to things, and causing individuals to also perform this reduction, we should look to digital representation as the strongest evidence yet in proving these tendencies. What users often don’t seem to realize is that “submitting data,” making yourself traceable, reducible, a most importantly predictable isn’t just about representation that mirrors offline ways of knowing. Posting photos of yourself, or submitting your interests and sending your friends youtube links is really only the visible aspect of systems of total control and dominance that underpin that vast consumptive possibilities of the internet.///I don’t think the internet reinvents cultural production. More likely it has merely hypertrophied some aspects, while allowing other to wither.

Space + Place Overcome- but if you havn’t gone a/post-spatial yet
and find yourself somewhere around NYC (copy/paste)

Tuesday, December 16th, 6:30 pm EFA Project Space
Jeff Stark leads a conversation with Graffiti Research Lab’s James Powderly, the Mare Liberum collective, Jeanine Oleson, and Cḥen Tamir, exploring the rationale, responsibilities, risks and benefits of forms of artistic expression that occur outside of the boundaries of the conventional art world, and how these creative forms—such as interference, prank, and viral culture—serve to continually redefine those boundaries. -The lecture is called DIY law breaking- but in some sense i wonder if all law breaking is DIY- but maybe not

Here are some excerpts, clips from Jahdan Blakkamoore’s We Are Raiders EP, upped on YouTube by Matt Shadetek. Listen, feast your eyes on Matt’s visual delights, get the real thing here.

BUSS IT PON DEM (prod. Chancha Via Circuito) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9MRqdX-_Ys[/youtube]

PON TIME (prod. Stereotyp) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc3S5dTn6eQ[/youtube]

NICE GREEN (prod. Matt Shadetek)

GO ROUND PAYOLA (prod. Matt Shadetek) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn0fpnW9l1E[/youtube]

New Rupture Mix – tracklist, release date, info!

yes, we’re excited. this was becoming Rupture’s Detox.

Here’s something you can buy now – @ turntable lab, listen/download an excerpt from mudd up! ask about it, when you see him at upcoming shows.

some presents from the bearded man in the colorful sweater.


Lil Wayne – A Milli/Various Production – Pintman (Ghislain Poirier Mash)

I didn’t like the original “A Milli” beat, but I like this one… and according to Mr eel, the beat is from Various Diver 12″.


Ghislain Poirier feat. MC Zulu – Go Ballistic (Toddla T & Duckbeats Remix)




hi my name is DJ Rupture and I WILL BE SELLING ALL OF MY RECORDS at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday Sept 14th. OK, so probably not all of them. Maybe just 300-500 of them… whatever, I don’t buy bad records so the selection will be choice.

And the day before that, there will be another FIESTA SOOT @ Manhattan’s Bowery Poetry Clubb, lineup TBC.



from The Fader blog:

“For more than a year now little bits of cumbia detritus have been washing up on our screens from all corners—white labels from SF’s Bersa Discos label, uncredited cumbia crunk border radio-style party blends from somewhere in TX, uncredited youtube clips of dubbed out accordion jams…After awhile we felt the need to get the full story behind these mysterious artifacts, so we enlisted the most well-rounded cumbiologist we know; DJ /Rupture aka writer Jace Clayton, to get on the case.

Having been involved in everything from remixes to chicha and Colombian roots reissues, Jace seemed uniquely positioned to give us an overview of the century old genre, so we took him at his word when he said Buenos Aires was the current hot spot and the ultimate origin point of much of the stuff we’d been hearing and hearing about. One plane ticket later, Jace and photographer Gabriele Stabile had embarked on a documentary mission to BA that resulted in a Summer Music issue feature. And now here it is in web-form; back on our screens, where it all started. After you’re done reading the feature, check out Jace guest columning this week’s Ghetto Palms on cumbia here.”

Slow Burn cumbia article

DJ Rupture – Villera Palms cumbia mix with full tracklist/writeup

Yes, Dutty Artz is a recording label with actual (and digital) records in stores, tremendously talented musicians, one extremely dedicated operative, and supporters.

Here’s a tune from DUTTY REMIX ZERO which is still fresh in the stores. This remix is great, but you should really hear SHADETEk’s “Can’t Breathe” remix.
Cauto – Bona Vida

Rupture and JahDan are in the middle of their UK trek. If you are in the area, go and see them! Something wonderful happens when these two are together. Check DATV001 for proof.

(pic by Sr Atlantico)

We also got teh mixes –

Geko Jones New York Tropical; live on WFMU is still up + popping.

Taliesin got some dark dark dark for ya… Well, it ain’t so dark, but it is.

Jahdan Blakkamoore: We Are Raiders 12

Jahdan Blakkamoore: We Are Raiders, presented by Matt Shadetek and DJ /Rupture will be in your shops on July 7th. We’ve been labbed up and working hard to get this first taste into the world as quickly as possible while finishing the full length that these songs are taken from, and now: it’s here! Well, in a few days anyway. But trust me, unlike some of our past infinitely receding release dates, this one actually exists (camphone evidence by Geko Jones):

jd camphone art

It will be available in CD, digital and 12″, with instrumentals and a bonus tune on the CD and digital, vinyl is the four vocals only (CD cover pictured).

The CD EP tracklist is as follows:

1. Buss It Pon Dem (Produced by Chancha Via Circuito, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2. Nice Green (Produced by me, Matt Shadetek, New York City, USA)

3. Go Round Payola (Matt Shadetek)

4. Pon Time (Produced by Stereotyp, Vienna, Austria)

5. Pure Riddim (Bonus Instrumental, Matt Shadetek)

6. Payola Riddim (Matt Shadetek)

7. Nice Green Riddim (Matt Shadetek)

8. Varela (Chancha Via Circuito)

Pre-order yours now (and hear samples) from Boomkat or Cargo, distribution by Cargo (UK & Europe) and Traffic (USA).

Jahdan and Rupture will be in the UK this month on tour promoting the release. Get dates and more info from Qujunktions.

Also get a sneak preview of Nice Green off the EP over at my myspace, along with Go Round Payola.

First, here’s an all Steve Gurley mix I’ve been listening to quite a lot lately. I am flagrantly ripping this from the dubstepforum, where it was ripped from Uptown Music Forum, where it was posted about a year ago. The mix was done by someone named AverageJoe, an ordinary DJ with a funny Homer Simpson gif as his MySpace default.

Steve Gurley Mix


And now some pictures from last Friday.

The first is of Mr Eliel Lucero skankin’ (to some really good Roots music Matt was playing earlier in the night) in his brand new Dutty Artz tee! Get yours!

And here I am, standing around (yeah, i’m mad bcuz i’m only) in my plain old regular tee— waiting for that lite tropical pink.

And here’s Yellowman, AKA Geko Jones. This man spins and dances behind the decks like a mutha, (but then again, he falls into a state of deep concentration at times.) I’m not sure who’s the better dancer behind the decks, Matt or Gex? I don’t think Rupture dances behind his decks. Maga Bo doesn’t either. Well, I’ve never seen them dance behind their turntables anyway. Have you? If you have, I need photo-or videographic evidence of these two men getting down.

Maga Bo, author of Archipelagoes —a monster I can’t find the words to describe—, here manning the controls at the bottom of a bluest ocean with weird fishes and creatures swimming over his head and around him, while at the same time modeling tee shirts by designer Ghislain Poirier. Oh, Big Poppa Ghis (© Rupture), thanx 4 D Gros Beats. One beer wasn’t enough.

(I don’t have a single picture of Matthew Shadetek for some reason, and the man wasn’t scarce either. I apologize for that.)

And the people, the people, the party people…

Yes, lady on the left can shake it like a salt shaker.

My, my.. dazzling, beautiful brown eyes…

Go ladies.. all you stereotype ladies

Getting hazy and sweaty right about here.


For t-shirts and other physical objects please visit our online store with our new mail order partner Blue Collar Distro.  They are taking payment and shipping all our orders for us from now on.

jahdan itunes banner2

Buy on U.S. iTunes

International people:: the Jah Dan EP digital version is ALSO available from a number of other mp3 stores, such as Juno (where you can buy 192, 320, or full WAV files) , Boomkat(320s or FLAC) , eMusic, and many others. If you can’t use those sites from your home country, let us know in the comments.
Jahdan Blakkamoore – We Are Raiders CD EP (With instrumentals and bonus Pure Riddim) from Dutty Shop, USD $8.00 plus shipping to wherever you are.

Track listing:
Jahdan CD Back