hi my name is DJ Rupture and I WILL BE SELLING ALL OF MY RECORDS at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday Sept 14th. OK, so probably not all of them. Maybe just 300-500 of them… whatever, I don’t buy bad records so the selection will be choice.

And the day before that, there will be another FIESTA SOOT @ Manhattan’s Bowery Poetry Clubb, lineup TBC.



from The Fader blog:

“For more than a year now little bits of cumbia detritus have been washing up on our screens from all corners—white labels from SF’s Bersa Discos label, uncredited cumbia crunk border radio-style party blends from somewhere in TX, uncredited youtube clips of dubbed out accordion jams…After awhile we felt the need to get the full story behind these mysterious artifacts, so we enlisted the most well-rounded cumbiologist we know; DJ /Rupture aka writer Jace Clayton, to get on the case.

Having been involved in everything from remixes to chicha and Colombian roots reissues, Jace seemed uniquely positioned to give us an overview of the century old genre, so we took him at his word when he said Buenos Aires was the current hot spot and the ultimate origin point of much of the stuff we’d been hearing and hearing about. One plane ticket later, Jace and photographer Gabriele Stabile had embarked on a documentary mission to BA that resulted in a Summer Music issue feature. And now here it is in web-form; back on our screens, where it all started. After you’re done reading the feature, check out Jace guest columning this week’s Ghetto Palms on cumbia here.”

Slow Burn cumbia article

DJ Rupture – Villera Palms cumbia mix with full tracklist/writeup


  1. what brings on the wax purge?… i thought you prefer vinyl to digital. did you digitize everything? just tired of carrying it? (pretty much the only thing i don’t miss about my pre-final scratch days is carrying crates…)

    makes me wish i was in new york though. i want your gregory whitehead “ziggurat” wax. i’ve never found that track and would be all about using it.

  2. for me, 300 is not “a lot” of records…. i dont digitize vinyl but i probably should!! basically ive got a LOT of hiphop, breakcore, reggae, reggaeton, ambient/technoid records that i dont play out. my jungle records are in storage… i get new records often…

    hence the urge to sell a few

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