UPROOT, and bounce!

New Rupture Mix – tracklist, release date, info!

yes, we’re excited. this was becoming Rupture’s Detox.

Here’s something you can buy now – @ turntable lab, listen/download an excerpt from mudd up! ask about it, when you see him at upcoming shows.

some presents from the bearded man in the colorful sweater.


Lil Wayne – A Milli/Various Production – Pintman (Ghislain Poirier Mash)

I didn’t like the original “A Milli” beat, but I like this one… and according to Mr eel, the beat is from Various Diver 12″.


Ghislain Poirier feat. MC Zulu – Go Ballistic (Toddla T & Duckbeats Remix)





  1. I’d be interested to know why the A Milli remix is basically a loop taken from Various Production’s Pintman — off the Diver 12″.

  2. wasn’t pintman originally a remix of bird flu anyway? sounds better with that vocal over it imo, still not a bad mash up though.

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