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International people:: the Jah Dan EP digital version is ALSO available from a number of other mp3 stores, such as Juno (where you can buy 192, 320, or full WAV files) , Boomkat(320s or FLAC) , eMusic, and many others. If you can’t use those sites from your home country, let us know in the comments.
Jahdan Blakkamoore – We Are Raiders CD EP (With instrumentals and bonus Pure Riddim) from Dutty Shop, USD $8.00 plus shipping to wherever you are.

Track listing:
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  1. haha i just wanted to ask why you guys aren’t selling the dutty remix zero on this blog, then scrollingly found out you guys are. great

    it will cost you 26.43euro for a tshirt and 12″ if you are european

    btw i forgot to put down a size and color so send you an email

  2. Hey guys, I couldn’t see where the option was to select the colour and size. Would appreciate some guidance. Cheers


  3. Hey guys, How do I select a colour and a size? I don’t seem to get an option to do this. Any advice? (I’m ordering from the UK if that makes any difference)

  4. lookin for that on vinyl .tuff gong site looks like its been updated 4-5 years ago….contact needed…int,CRO

    great stuff btw,ill try 2 reach it thru myspace if all else fails… bless

  5. Hi guys,
    I’d love to buy a copy of your great CD but 10 US dollars postage cost for Belgium … you are joking or what !?
    Sharp sharp.

  6. any chance you pressed the matt shadetek rmx of “I gave you all my love” on 12″ or is it available anywhere???! I know its been a while but its still hot sh*t! thx

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