A big thanks to everyone who bought and voted for Jahdan’s group Noble Society’s album Take Charge on iTunes this year earning it the iTunes 2008 Best Reggae Album honors. The record is sick and Jah D, Diego Fuego and Delie have been working hard on it for a good long while, very nice to see some recognition coming back to the family. A big shout to Moon and everyone over at the Lustre Kings label, they’ve got a lot more exciting reggae music out and more coming.

Listen to clips from Take Charge here, and buy it here.

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  1. she told me has probably been my most played track (for personal listening AND parties) since I first got it… maybe it was going through a crazy breakup this year- but even then…..i think i was waking up to it for like three weeks straight

    so cool to see big money media outlets recognize quality product and not big just big PR budgets.

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