HBM-001: St. Google Prayer Candles (available exclusively at Change the Mood, Aug 17th @ Glasslands NYC)

HBM-002: Dubious Prey Tanks (available now at the DA webshop)

Hello Bad Mind is a new object oriented project studio I opened to bring physical manifestations of my work into the world.

I’m sick of the screen. We all are. Bruce Sterling’s latest forecast imagines 2031 when, “No one can afford to track the ageing data, archive it or save it. There is little desire to try. New schemes have disrupted the Internet; they are vaster, faster, friendlier, more interesting.” The attention economy simply doesn’t give a fuck about your content. On to the next one is the rallying cry of a consumptive vortex.

Your movie, your music, your collection of hentai kitten videos. It’s all the same, and soon to be outdated and inaccessible thanks to changing protocols, proprietary systems and creeping forced incompatibility. I like the intimacy of digital space, but my experience with physical phenomenon and organic decay holds faster in my mind. Hello Bad Mind is my next step towards creating the economies I want to support and engaging new networks of production and distribution.

For more info on both…

St. Google prayer candles were an idea I had a few years ago and then brought into the world with the brilliant minds of Alexis, Kaye and Diego. They were manufactured in Brooklyn. They debuted at a gallery installation I did around the idea of domestic antipathies for Franklin Street Works. Turns out they are really heavy, each ways about 2 pounds, so shipping them singly in the US (>$12) or abroad (>$20) is incredibly expensive. At this point I’m selling them hand 2 hand in NYC and looking for larger orders from shops.. if your interested, just get in touch.

The Dubious Prey tanks started with a project I was working on during the 2010 São Paulo Biennial. I was living with Gabriel Bogossian, in this tiny one bedroom in the brothel district. I worked with him to wheat-paste some of his text work on fascism in places in the city where extreme violence had occurred or continued to occur without any state intervention or memorialization. Before we put up his work I created some new pieces in reaction to the weirdness of global art fairs. One of those pieces became the cover of Lamin’s dope “Dubious Prey E.P..”… and now these shirts.

Gabriel’s obsession with the Faustian bargain (especially in city life) borders on paranoia (one of his $ jobs is editing the Brazilian version of Cops) and the line on the shirts comes from a super-text translation of a Lincoln Center staging of Faust.



Quand du Seigneur le jour luira///When the day of the Lord lightens
Sa croix au ciel resplendira///Its cross in the sky will be resplendent
Et l’univers s’écroulera!/// And the universe will crumble!


I laid out a larger narrative for HBM for Bomb Magazine a few months ago if you’re interested.


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