Inside the Dutty Pool: Cali Flow Latino

For this month’s Dutty Pool, I wanted to include a piece of one of my favorite homegrown Colombian sounds that’s currently omnipresent on the radio stations and club systems, at least in Bogotá where I was living earlier this year.

Salsa choke, or salsa urbana, out of the Distrito de Aguablanca of Cali, is having a beautiful moment, mixing up the caleño breed of salsa with hip hop and dancehall elements– and best of all there’s a seemingly bottomless Internet wormhole of dance videos to go along with the movement. While it was impossible not to hear it on most soundsystems in Colombia, I’ve yet to see it reach many rotations stateside.

I’ve happily gotten lost in some salsa choke searches as of late; my pick for this month’s Dutty Pool was “Chin Chin Machete” from Cali Flow Latino, who already have ample Internet street creds from their “Ras Tas Tas” dance video. Puro Pacífico–

With all of the choreography videos popping up, I thought I’d share a personal favorite featuring a sped-up version of “Chin Chin Machete” at a dance class in an unspecified gym (that I would like to join)–


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