Inside The Dutty Pool: DJ Dotorado’s “African Scream”

We have a little internal record pool going on over here at Dutty Artz that is too good to keep to ourselves. So I’m going to kick off what should be a regular series called “Inside the Dutty Pool” with my own selection from the month of September:

I first came across DJ Dotorado’s song “African Scream” as the backing riddim for T-Boyz’s Moche, a song that I included in my last mix (Six Over Eight). It soon became apparent that the song was a hit amongst the Lusophone Soundcloud-sphere as remixes of the tune kept popping up in my heavily Lusophone Soundcloud stream. After seeing the 9th version, I came across an amazing slowed down Kizomba version, and not until then did I realize that the vocal sample was taken from DJ Sbu’s Lengoma featuring Zahara (if you don’t know, one of the best South African house tunes ever). So I got too excited and decided to throw this blend together, a blend that really shows the trans-national, multi-lingual, and cross-cultural potential of the south-south mediated, vibrant African electronic music scene:

I also used it as the intro to my last episode of Africa is a Radio.

As a side note, I feel like a similar energy is also happening in Latin America as evidenced by this Generation Bass post. Especially once reaching Rio I realized that a lot of the exciting energy in innovation of this global folk-referencing electronica scene (that started to explode in the U.S. and Argentina around 2008, and seemed to peak after the Moombahton explosion of 2011) wasn’t lost but just transferred south (not unlike Salsa.) I am grateful to be a part of both exciting moments!

image via Space in Text