This weekend we’re bringing all sorts of Dutty Artz vibes up to Toronto’s Avant X Festival!

Things begin on Saturday at 5pm, when I have a free public conversation with Marcus Boon.

Then at 7pm comes The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner. I’ll be joined by pianists David Friend and Emily Manzo, and guest vocalist Maryem Tollar.

Eat a hearty dinner / take a disco nap because later that evening Dutty Artz’s DJ Ushka will make her Canada debut at a party with Poirier and secret guest DJ. Big thanks for the Music Gallery and Uma Nota for making this all happen.

There’s been a nice buzz of preview press for us New Yorkers. Here’s a warm-up post for Ushka’s event, and an article by LGBTQ mag Xtra: “Jace Clayton Honours A Gay Guerilla.”