Que Bajo – 7 Years and Still Jumping

Saturday Dec 12 – Que Bajo says goodbye to 2015 and marks their 7th anniversary at The Wick Music Fortress in Brooklyn with Uproot Andy, Geko Jones, Chief Boima and El Canyonazo.

The party will be hosted by Butch Diva and Afro Mosaic Soul.

Most of you were there for Barrioteca Tropical Party during RBMA, which showcased both the pioneers and the future of Latin electronic music. The event and accompanying release gave a name to the genre Uproot Andy and Geko Jones have helped define over the past 7 years. There is an underground latin sound showing it’s teeth and it’s called Barrioteca.

Both Uproot Andy’s Barrioteca release and Geko’s Latin Soul Remixes out now on Fania Records show that the boys are still at the forefront of the latin underground movement and they aren’t slowing down.

Though that’s the heart that beats at the core the Que Bajo sound, we are also part of a larger Global Bass community and take a lot of care and responsibility in curating a diverse cultural line up that could only be truly appreciated right here in New York.

This year, we delivered you the cumbia gods themselves, Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto with the help of the Afro-Latino Festival of NY. We went intergalactic with Enchufada’s Dengue Dengue Dengue and Buraka Som Systema’s Branko. We shut down the Brazil Summerfest hard with the latest baile funk and rasterinha thanks to friends like Omulu, DJ Comrade, Patrick Tor4 and Zuzuka Poderosa and the Alma Brasileira samba team. We stayed emphatic about bringing you more homegirls like DJ Riobamba, Shisaa, MPeach and DJ Ushka and putting some of the leading ladies of the underground on stage. Papi Juice, False Witness and DJ Guaguis represent some of the best talents the Latin LGBTQ scene has to offer and our 3rd annual Bassgiving encounter with DJ Rekha’s Basement Bhangra crew last month pretty much closes the case that Que Bajo remains very meticulous in its curation and focused on bringing you the best sounds from around the globe.

Looking at this line-up we can think of no better way to close out the year than to host two of the busiest behind-the-scenes characters we’ve had the pleasure of sharing this journey with.

The African in New York left and moved to Rio and became the International BLK. Chief Boima is currently the label Manager of Dutty Artz, and has far too long remained a silent partner in Que Bajo, We’d like our you to recognize this man as our brother and very much a part of the Que Bajo team. He’s been a huge influence on our sound but the reason we love him is because he does to African music what the spring does with the cherry trees.

El Canyonazo is a man deep in the trenches of the Los Angeles latin music scene. His Subsuelo and Calentura parties have brought flamenco and latin twerk to center stage on the left coast and as if all that’s is not enough, he has positioned himself at helm of the Fania Records empire as it sets sail into new musical territory. His deejay crates represent the future of Barrioteca and the Fania catalogue and it is an absolute honor to have them both.

Presale tickets are just $10 until Monday Dec 7th so act fast.