I’ve got 4 interesting gigs this week. All-out parties on Wednesday and Saturday, a free artist’s talk / Q&A /demystifying-what-i-do-mini-set on Friday, and my duo for guitar & turntables with Andy Moor on Thursday. I’m psyched to meet Chattanooga!


Wed. Sept 9: Madison WI @ the Annex. event info + interview ‘on cumbia and Stephen King

Thurs. Sept 10: Chicago IL. Duo with Andy Moor at The Wire’s Adventures in Modern Music festival, Empty Bottle. Lucky Dragons will also be performing!

Fri. Sept 11 + Sat. Sept 12: Chattanooga TN. On Friday, a free artist talk/Q&A/turntablism demo early. Club gig on Saturday. The talk with be live streaming and maybe twittering here. Friday talk facebook page, Saturday party facebookery.

WorldTown flyer


  1. BOOM! Promo mix for the Chattanooga show

    1. Buraka Som Sistema- New Africas pt 2
    2. Ramadanman- Revenue (Untold Remix)
    3. KuBo- Bush Tool
    4. Coki- Warlord
    5. Zed Bias- Ambush Riddim
    6. Zomby- Liquid Dancehall
    7. Dred Man-Gi feat Nell- Não Tá Se Entender
    8. Nilcaps- Toca Son
    9. Buraka Som Sistema- Beef

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