Dutty Artz Trans-Pecos take over weekend, Talacha presents “Sonruideros”

The Talacha curated May 28th party is the result of chats with Trans-Pecos’ curator Sam(ZS) about the idea of bringing the spirit of sonidero events to the Ridgewood club.

This is an extension of Trans-Pecos commitment to bringing out selectors that are regarded for their sound curation, while also showcasing the diverse, rich spectrum of Latin American culture that’s shaping music and has also been long-standing in Trans-Pecos’ neighborhood environment.

After linking via ongoing Soundcloud exchanges, I decided to invite Turbo Sonidero, an artist mixing cholo cumbia melodies with chunky hip-hop inspired beats, which is basically the perfect blend of ambient sounds for the after-hours of a rancho quinceañera.

Uproot Andy will also be joining the lineup, who’s someone I’ve worked with for years now as the designer for the Que Bajo?! flyers. Que Bajo?! is a major inspiration for the party both culturally and sonically, and in this sense the party is a magnifying glass on a micro-fraction of the many themes they touch on. I’ve always been amazed by Andy’s chameleon-like approach to music, and the way he seamlessly flows through music from every corner of the world is truly singular.

Lastly, thanks to an introduction made by Dutty Artz sister Riobamba, the man behind the NAAFI curtain Fausto Bahia will be bringing us the most contemporary aspect in Mexico’s embrace of electronic music culture. New York’s excitement for the NAAFI label is refreshing, and I think it’s just the beginning of a beautiful cultural expression.