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off to Knoxville’s Big Ears festival! It sports an action-packed lineup (The Ex, The xx, jj, GGD, Nico M, Joanna N, et al). I’ll be performing three times, in fairly different contexts:

  • a late-night dance set on Friday (with Ben Frost opening).
  • a Saturday afternoon set in a theater. w/ Dirty Projectors and William Basinski! Remember: a seated audience is a captive audience.
  • and finally, Saturday night The Ex’s guitarist, Andy Moor & I will do our improv duo performance. Here’s a nice preview writeup of my hyperactive weekend.

Sometimes Andy & I go way out. Sometimes, like here, I’ll let a beat play for awhile and we gather corners together until it feels like a song.

[audio:http://negrophonic.com/mp3/05 The Sheep Look Up.mp3]

DJ /rupture & Andy Moor – The Sheep Look Up (this is from our album of live recordings, Patches)

“Nothing lasts forever” writes Cesar Aira, “something else always happens.” Needless to say, it sounds – is – much better in Spanish.

A side-effect of Andy playing with me is that he gets confused even more frequently with the popular British trance DJ of the same name. Eventually we’re gonna accidentally get booked to play with Tiesto, I know it.

This snippet is from a show in Orleans, France. Photos by Andy.

and this audio is from a gig we did in Holland last summer, here overlaid with an anonymous Iranian video on the eve of election protests (remember those green twitter jpgs? ah, slacktivism! ah 2009!):