In a little over a week from now, INTL BLK comes to NY.

It is a celebration of the international black magic radiating out of the big apple, with support from the Dutty Artz family. RSVP on Facebook, or just come thru to Queens the night of!

Here’s descriptions of invited artists on this super stacked lineup:

DJ Flex (Empire) – New Jersey based DJ of Ghanaian origin, who is introducing West African Afrobeats sounds into the Jersey Club scene.

SHYBOI (Kunq/Discwoman) – New York based DJ of Jamaican origin, incorporating the sounds of the African diapsora in lively New York club sets, refracted through a Queer New York Caribbean immigrant lens.

Bembona (Bembona & Friends/Pillow Talk) – New York based DJ of Panamanian and Puerto Rican origin, bringing the sounds of a new generation of Afro Latin and Caribbean club music.

Africa Latina (Chief Boima & Geko Jones) – The Dutty Artz initiated African and Latin house project of Chief Boima and Geko Jones.

Shawn Dub (I Love Vinyl) – New York based DJ from Long Beach, steeped in the Funk and Hip Hop of his native West Coast, he plays from one of the deepest catalogs of American Black music in the United States.

Kondi Band Soundsystem (Chief Boima & Will LV) – The rhythm section of Chief Boima and Sorie Kondi’s new collaboration Kondi Band… opening up the night, the two producers will talk about and play their influences, soundsystem style.

Dutty Artz (Ushka, Riobamba and K7) – representing the Brooklyn-centered, community and social justice oriented collective of DJs.

IOIA – DJ project of Antonio Antmaper + Glaucia Mayer from Rio de Janeiro, aiming to bridge through sonics, the oceanic gap between Rio, Lisboa, Praia, and Luanda.