Peligrosa East Coast Tour / Que Bajo Appearance

There’s a lot of reasons to love Austin. Great music festivals, food, a vibrant nightlife scene and cheap booze for starters. There’s a likely percentage of you that read this blog that have probably been down there for SXSW and raged with the influx of people that come from all over the country. There’s so much going on during that week that its hard to know what to check out but as often is the case, if you want to know whats good in town, ask someone local.

Every year during SXSW, DJ Orion and his Peligrosa All-Stars crew host a 3-day madhouse with upwards of 50 of the best DJ’s you could catch on decks. Do Androids Dance apparently only just got the memo about this but the unofficial mega-line up HAS and CONTINUES to be one of the most consistently banging events that go on during the festival (in spite of the flack they’ve received in past years from festival organizers tryna shut em down)

SXSW happens for only one week out of the year though and if you want to party in ATX the other 51 weeks, the Peligrosa crew is who you need to keep an eye on. This week Peligrosa’s mero mero, DJ Orion and su carnal King Louis from Royal Highness hit the east coast tropical circuit with their patented blend of Cumbia remixes, turntable skills and energy.

Tell friend, tell foe, tell ya bro dem Peligrosa boyz are on the go, so get on the flo, get on the flo, get on the flo.