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This Saturday, July 31st, I’ll be closing out the Wooly Fair in Providence, Rhode Island with a midnight set. They call it a “Providence-born DIY art carnival”, and it looks to be a very fun time. Creative grassroots events which aren’t necessarily focused on music are often the best places to DJ. Wooly Fair runs from 1 in the afternoon to 1am.

Lately I’ve been squeezing more Arabic moments into my sets. Here’s a clubby/rootsy gasbah flute track from Algeria:


Kamel Nemri – Lemrabta (from 2 CD Maghreb Dance Party)

and a re-up of a great clattering Tunisian beat workout (nobody commented on the original post. sigh.)


Ramzi – Cocktail Tounsi (Maghreb Dance Party)

The image below is a drawing of a temporary/permanent/growing installation, centerpiece of this year’s Wooly Fair. It’s “the Flower Tower, a pyramid of container gardens that will be distributed after the July 31st event to hospitals, schools, and other organizations.”


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  1. If it makes you feel better I happened to listen to the original posted version of Cocktail Tounsi twice earlier today. A great tune, is that a synth or electrified bagpipes?

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