Que Bajo Moves To Brooklyn

Winter Recess is long in DJ years. When your hammock is covered in snow in your front yard for months on end it makes it seem like the world is cruel place. The spring solstice is touching down this weekend with or without groundhog approval and thats a damn good reason to celebrate.

Your friends are at SXSW that means that the turn up gets concentrated into a couple choice spots this weekend and if you’re in Brooklyn, that spot is The Wick, an enormous new multi-space venue that is going to be holding some amazing events this summer.

Our guest feature this month is DJ Comrade of XAO Productions. His latest release, out on Kafundó Vol 2 presented by Kafundó Records in partnership with Dutty Artz is one of the highlights of the burgeoning brazilian bass scene.

Also on decks for the fiesta are DJ Shisaa, an Okinawan/Jamaican dancefloor warrior that’s become an integral name in the warehouse rave community here in NYC. And Cabo Blanco, who’s Santo Diablo remains one of the only bachata edits we’ve been bumping at QB for some time. Look forward to seeing you there. Try and get presale tickets if you can $10 vs $15.