Ripley goes forth: Europe & Balkans

Summertime is my chance to really go deep and wide with my artistic and activist communities, here in New York with Dutty Artz (and some new collaborations/projects in the works!), and abroad, including Europe and beyond. At the end of June, I will head overseas for my 2013 Summer Tour. I’m excited to reconnect with awesome people I’ve worked with before (like the Wob Wob crew in Hamburg, the Fusionistas and more), and to meet new people in new cities (holla, Torino & the Bunker/Palmwine crew!).

Here is the itinerary so far:

June 29 – Fusion Festival, Germany
July 6 – (unconfirmed) Berlin speaking gig
July 8 – (unconfirmed) Bayreuth speaking gig
July 12 – Bunker, Torino Italy
July 13 – Openair festival, Ottensheim, Austria
July 18-20 –Share boat camp, on the Peace Ship Galeb. Rijeka & the Mediterranean, Croatia
Speaking gig: “When life is a hostile environment: is technological intimacy possible?” Dj Gig as well.
July 27 – with Kutmah & Wob Wob crew. Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
July 28 – Antwerp/Belgium (unconfirmed)?
July 30-August 1 – SEEKING GIGS IN THE UK!

I will update it so check back as the time draws nearer, and please come through if you are in the area! I still have some dates open (especially near the end) so if I am playing near your city and you are interested in booking a Ripley gig, speaking or djing (or both!), feel free to get in touch.

This is all in the mix as I continue my hustle, post-PhD (2012 Jurisprudence & Social Police, Berkeley Law – University of California). I’ve got some articles in the works, and I’m preparing to resume teaching in Communications and Sociology in the fall. Come september I’m thrilled to have the chance to teach one class (Gender and Technology) at Rutgers University in the School of Communication, as well as one at Brooklyn College (Sociology of Law). So, still keeping it diverse, keeping it live.