Ripley in Europe & beyond, Summer 2015

Summer time means I can change gears a bit, step away from the classroom and head out into the world to DJ and connect with people. This year I’m stepping back after a couple of inspiring years at the Allied Media Conference (Ushka will hold it down for Dutty Artz this year), and heading in the other direction, although I hope to come back through Detroit before too long.

I’m freshly inspired from a 5-day excursion to Jamaica where I stayed with Andrea Lewis, a colleague from longtime who runs the (highly recommended) Beat’n’track roots tours, linked with Dutty Artz fam the enigmatic Five Eyes, the awesome PalmWine, Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras, (working on the  third stage of amazing Negus project)… stopped in for inspiration and reasoning at the So((u))l HQ art center (they have a room for visitors!) and Di Institute for Social Leadership both (co)founded by the intrepid & visionary DJ Afifa. Checked Kingston DubClub at Skyline drive, Rae Town Old Hits, Downtown Roots night (featuring the incredible Agony sound system), Mojito Mondays where we caught up with Mixpak label manager & killer dj TheLarge and madman producer DreSkull in town to work on the Popcaan album.. plus ocean, mountain, studio, escoveitch fish/coconut jelly/sprats/sweet grapefruit/fish tea/curry crab/naseberries/pineapple/otaheite apple/mangomangomango and ital food from Dr. Spice.

And now I’m heading to Europe for 2 weeks of gigs, and a stint in London at the end doing research on pirate radio and council(public) housing. Come out if you are in the neighborhood!

Spread the word and tell your friends, I’ll be in new cities and familiar ones from June 20 – July 5 and then in London until the 20th of July!