Next Friday, August 27th, come catch myself and Tanlines in a pay-what-you-want party at The Whitney Museum.

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[some guitar band at the Whitney]

James Franco was trying to get on the bill with a new indie garage cumbia electro project he’s working on, but the Whitney people had to tell him no. Which is just as good, because with Tanlines, myself, and you, together we are well-equipped to build a DANCE PARTY, possibly the Last Fun Party of the Summer, and let me repeat: it’s FREE. 6-9pm = pay-what-you-wish for museum admission. Grapes will not be served, despite internet rumors stating otherwise.



  1. I think people are expecting TOO MUCH when they expect free grapes. This is an example of all that’s wrong with audiences these days.

    When I was younger there would be tons of free berries and root vegetables at the hypest parties, but grapes? Not really even then.

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