¡UN SALUDO! Bay Area Edition

Xandão and Turbo Sonidero present a celebration of frontera-crossing cumbia sonidera in California.

We are excited to bring ¡Un Saludo! to the Bay Area on Saturday August 26th at the Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland.

The evening will start with live sonidero performances by San José-based Sonido Chacal and Sonido Barranquillero and DJ sets by Turbo Sonidero (Sonido Clash), Ganas (Más Exitos), East Side Xicana (Chulita Vinyl Club), DJ Ozzy (Ritmo Unido), and Xandão.

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The evening will celebrate the routes and roots of cumbia sonidera and Dutty Artz and Songs From Home’s ¡Un Saludo! Mexican Soundsystem Cumbia in LA, a bordercrossing compilation selected from the legendary label, Discos Barba Azul.

The album showcases how California became a nerve center of contemporary Mexican cumbia with Discos Barba Azul as the genre’s most significant U.S. label. The album highlights cumbia sonidera’s dynamic styles from rootsy Afro-Colombian accordion, to synthy Andean covers, to guacharaca-infused Bollywood.

¡UN SALUDO! Saturday August 26, The Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland, $7, 10:30pm.