Ushka in Mexico City!

Big things! Ushka is headed to DF and she’s going to be connecting with the fam down there (and probably joining a #Ayotzinapa protest or two as is her take the streets tendency).

If you’re in DF, you’ll wanna round out your Christmas night with THIS.

Ushka joins the local fam holding it down in DF: Disque DJ of Tropic-All, Elebleu of New Weird Latin America, Sonido Berzerk and Sonido Mulata of Liga Mexicana del Bass 

When: December 25th, 2014

Where: Salón Bach; Bolivar #17 Esq. 5 de Mayo, 06000 Mexico City, Mexico.

She’ll also be on Centro de Cultural Digital radio with Sonido Martines (details to come) and working with Aliguagua of  Kumbia Queers on another gig (details to come) so stay tuned for more from her Mexico travels.

Follow her on twitter @ty_ushka for updates on her trip.