Aidonia – Heart is Hers (feat. Aisha Davis)

I haven’t heard that many tracks from Aidonia; he’s one of those mid to late ’00s dancehall artists you hear about all the time, see his name on countless mixtapes, and probably already heard a bunch of his tunes at parties, but you never actually went out of your way and check for his tunes. That’s until I heard the title cut from Stephen “Di Genius” Mcgregor’s incredible Bad People riddim which completely shifted my view on a couple of vocalists — but more on that shortly.  “Heart Is Hers” features Aisha Davis and is produced by Equiknoxx producer/artist collective (who are also responsible producing another impressive Aidonia track titled “Negative.”) This is what dancehall sounds like in post-808s & Heartbreak/weird-emotional-electro-pop-hop era? Dancehall is going in so many different, exciting directions at the moment, and as for this particular type of sound which has been bubbling for the last few years I think it’s safe to point to  T-Wayne & Yeezy as references.  As Aidonia sings – “Song is too dead/it needs more life – Needs a faster melody/more melody/groove your body…”


  1. holy shit.. big up the livejournal massive on the cover art.. that is fucking atrocious…. I know that the music industry is contracting and shit… but COME ONE PEOPLE

  2. Big tune. I actually assumed it was Stephen, kind of got his sound but the samples should have been a tip off that it wasn’t. Aidonia is still underrated, one of my top artists in JA in past few years, especially for fast dense rap with a lot of words and cool lyrics (of you can parse ’em). And I actually like the cover art ;p

  3. another positive vote on the cover art and YES — THIS IS A GREAT SONG!! like, the first ever Aidonia jam i’ve had on rewind, i agree w/ Lamin’s take on his presence.

    PLUS: speed in the melody, leaving the beat free to go wherever — a good strategy!

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