I did my Low Income Tomorrowland mix 7 years ago for the mighty Lemon-Red blog. This was 2005, the same year YouTube debuted. Time flies when you’re updating your social networks…

The mix remains future (DL link above) and just last week, the Pseudojamaica crew gave an excerpt from L.I.T. a hi-rez video mashup treatment, check it:

And over here, DJ Su-Real took an Adil El Miloudi Moroccan banger from Mudd Up! and flipped it with a 4×4 friendly dancefloor remix.
[audio: ADIL CLUB MIX.mp3]
Adil El Miloudi – remixed by Su-Real [16 MB]

I <3 when the internet takes a ball I've lobbed and runs with it. Hive mind tennis: are we playing it or is it playin’ us?


  1. wow, you lobbed that ball right back Mr. Rupture! Thanks for the props on what is a simple little edit! And thanks for all your hard work on Mudd Up, its been a pleasure gettin educated and inspired. PEACE

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