Former backup dancer for Brenda Fassie and Kwaito pioneer Arthur Mafokate asked in a two page document “am I the king of Kwaito?” He allegedly proceeded to answer the question and justify his position as king of the South African dance music. That document is nowhere to be found.  Check this interview from ’03. “Oyi Oyi” is one of his big hits from the late 90s.  I found it on South African Rhythm Riot: The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Volume 6, which also contains some classic Brenda Fassie tracks.

Arthur – Oyi Oyi



  1. Ha, that’s the same album that was my introduction to Kwaito in 2003 or whatever. (Borrowed it from the public library.) Kudos to the compiler for including some of it, a “Rough Guide” compo or whatever would have just ignored it as uninteresting an inauthentic.

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