Kafundó Vol. 1 – Digital Roots Music from Brazil Out Now!

As the world tunes into FIFA’s World Cup this week, Dutty Artz and Kafundó Records team up to bring you a Brazil that you might not see displayed on your TV screens.

Kafundó Volume 1, a compilation of digital roots music from Brazil, is out today on iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, or any of your favorite digital download stores!

All of the songs on the comp are brilliantly mastered or re-mastered in Paris by Krishnin at Blissonance. The artwork, as always, is by Dutty Artz’ own Talacha.

Check out the track list below for individual artists. We’ll be updating this site with artist profiles periodically over the next couple of months so keep an eye out. The first profile, of Bahia’s Coletivo do Tambor went up last week!

1. Combo X – Bua Sound All Day
2. Tropkillaz – Kizoombow (uses a sample by Eduardo Araújo)
3. Omulu & DJ Comrade – Bagulho Doido
4. Lucio K – Bahea!
5. Mauro Telefunksoul & A.MA.$$A – Apache Nagoh (Rasteira Mix)
6. FurmigaDub & Atômico MC – Forró do Ragga (Part. Alex Madureira)
7. Z̩ Brown РEu Valorizo
8. Sombra – Chuva de gente estranha
9. STANK РGod̻ Paṿo
10. DJ Mangaio e Coletivo di Tambor – Carimbó Remix
11. BaianaSystem – Oxe Como Era Doce (Maga Bo Remix)
12. Som Peba – Arrozx
13. DaGanja – Tá No Ar
14. Pentagono РSem Dire̤̣o
15. Russo Passapusso – Matuto
16. Neguedmundo – Toca Aí (Buguinha Remix)



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