Meet Maga Bo from Kafundó Vol. 1

Like I said yesterday, Maga Bo should be familiar to Dutty Artz listeners… but if he’s not check out this fire mix he put together to promote his tour and the new Kafundó Vol. 1 Compilation:

Check Bo out on the rest of his Europe tour at the following dates:

June 14 Warsaw, Poland
June 20 Global Bass X-Tended, Marseille, France
June 21 Fête de la Musique, Besançon, France
June 22 Afro-Latino Festival, Bree, Belgium
June 26 Joga Bola Festival, London, UK
June 28 Av. Brasil, La Bellevilloise, Paris, France
July 2 Divan Airlines, Paris, France
July 4 Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium
July 6 Worldwide Festival, Séte, France
July 13 Democrazy, Gent, Belgium
July 18 Les Suds á Arles Festival, Arles, France
July 19 Viva Brasil, Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 20 Viva Brasil, Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 25 Minsk, Belarus
July 26 La Graviere, Geneva, Switzerland
August 1 Fiesta Séte, Séte, France