MATT SHADETEK – La Vida Loca feat. Troy Ave

I’ve been keeping this under my hat for a while so it’s a great pleasure to finally announce the first single for my new album: La Vida Loca feat. Troy Ave. It’s quite a departure from stuff of the last stuff you may have heard me do, I’ve been returning to my hiphop roots and incorporating some of the crazy southern rap sounds that are in the air. I linked up with Troy Ave to do this after hearing him on Mr. Motherfuckin Exquire’s mixtape and being impressed by his flow and panache. I’m really happy with how the song came out and hope you will enjoy it too.

The single is available to purchase everywhere. If you buy it from Bandcamp I earn a bit more, so I recommend that. Also you can get higher quality if your a DJ. You can grab the instrumental from Soundcloud for free.

The new album is called The Empire Never Ended and it will be out in 2013.