Meet Stank from Kafundó Vol. 1

Another guest post by Maga Bo: DJ, producer, and co-founder of Kafundó Records. In this post he gives us a little background on Stank. Their song “Godê Pavão!” appears on the Kafundó Vol. 1 Compilation:

The track Godê Pavão is a remix/rework of the original track by Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde, but so little reference to the original it makes more sense to think of it as an original track (for which Coco Raízes gave their permission).  However, there are references to the original – a snippet of vocal that almost sounds like a lead synth, a breakdown where the source of the sample is revealed (a 4 bar vocal breakdown that opens up to the full vocal chorus.  The original coco groove has been transferred to electronic drum programming, a syncopated electric guitar, ephemeral synthesizer bursts and sound effects.  Definitely taking coco beyond it’s traditional roots into a new experimental and modern dimension.

Stank is a duo formed by DJ Dolores and Yuri Queiroga, both of whom have been active in the Recife music scene for years, whose first release was a self-titled 4-track EP of remixes.  So far, their work has focused on remixes, sound track work and live performances.  They are a rare case where keeping the dance floor full goes hand in hand with experimentation and improvisation.

DJ Dolores has been working as a musician and producer since 1997 with 3 full length album releases – Contraditório, Aparelhagem and 1 Real.  While he is a familiar name on the international festival circuit having performed at major festival around the world, he’s also well known in Brazil as a film composer, having produced the sound tracks for many well known Brazilian films such as Narradores de Javé and o Som ao Redor.

Musica para Filmes

Yuri Queiroga, also based in Recife, is a multi-instrumentalist,  in demand session and live player, having worked and produced the Grammy-winning album, Qual o Assunto que mais lhe interessa? for Elba Ramalho, plays with China and Tibério Azul, performed with  Roberta Sá and Silvério Pessoa, produced numerous local bands and on top of all this, composes as well.

Check at about 5:25 for Stank’s live rendition of Godê Pavão at RecBeat: